Saturday, September 5, 2009

Make a change!

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Is something in your life not working?

Maybe it's a diet thing, there is something that your eating that isn't settling with you. Maybe it's a lifestyle thing where something you think or have been doing, doesn't fit with who you are anymore. Maybe it's your surroundings. Maybe you literally are surrounded by disorganization or things that are literally broken and not working.

So many times in life we put up with behaviors, habits and a life in general that itsn't working. Who knows why--there are a ton of reasons. Battling emotions, lack of time, money, motivation or means can keep us stuck in a rut or stuck where we can't be used for our purpose in life.

If something in your life isn't working--fix it!
(or take steps to start fixing it)

You can tell if something isn't working, but it may take a little sleuthing. In all honesty, everyone gets used to things the way they are sometimes. We can get used to the impatient way we speak to our family, the way we maneuver around clutter in our home and the way we turn to emotional fills or bad habits when under stress.

If you think that there is something in your life that isn't working, don't just pass over it thinking that you will get to it later. Put it on the table, put it up for discussion and see where the issue really is.

Maybe every time you go to get that hand bag from the closet, three more things fall. How many times do you just shove them back up before you stop, think and say "this isn't working." The solution may be to give some hand bags away or to find a better way to store them so it is convenient to reach them. Maybe your closet is big enough, but they need a bin or to be hung. This idea can be applied to everything in your house, garage or office. Can I access it, is it convenient, or do I have too much or things I don't need? Put it one the table and take a look.

For me, every time ice cream ends up in my freezer, it's gone in a week or a day or a sitting. Habits and emotions surrounding food are often times dysfunctional, not working or are being used improperly, such as for escape or stress relief. If you are facing an issue with a certain food, try changing your habits. For me the key is to not buy any and to just go out for a cone when I choose. It may be more pricey, but it happens less often. If it is emotional, pinpoint the issue that is at the core of the behavior and work on remedying that so your habits can get back to normal. Regardless, when we take issue with food, it can take over our lives! Put it on the table and see if you can find a solution to making it work.

In life, we get very swept up in the day to day. Hour by hour we are very busy and with what? Sometimes we are so busy doing things that don't really matter or just take up our time, not really advance our dreams or bring us closer to our purpose in life. Whether it's a habit you have, a relationship, job or even the tasks that take up your day to day. Ask yourself--is this working? Does this BLANK that I am doing, still fit with who I am and my purpose I am striving for? Or are we still doing and following behavior that no longer makes sense, but merely because we have been at it for so long. Maybe list your goals and purpose and then look at what takes up your time everyday and see if they jive or if you need to lay your life on the table and work it out.

What ever you do, DO something! Don't simply exist...we aren't made to be static beings. We are energy and light, we have life breathed into us--so breathe it out!! Do something to make a change in your life so you can make a change in others too!

Do it, do it right, do it right NOW!

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Stefka said...

oooh... this is so perfect for my crazy life right now - thanks for the words of inspiration!!!


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