Monday, October 5, 2009

Goal #2--It's Personal

Holler readers!! Do you remember when I posted Goal #1 on my blog a while back? It is my half marathon, October 31st 2009!! I can't believe it is less than a month away! Yay, getting closer and closer!

Well, I have a second goal that I have been waiting to share...I wanted to post it here for a few reasons.

One: in my off line life and in the blogging world lately people have been coming out of the woodwork talking about their personal dreams and goals. What their dreams are, how they achieved them or if they are still on their way, how they are going to achieve them and how to keep our head above water on their way! When people share, I always want to too!

Two: I wanted to post my goal, because when you share your goals and dreams with others instead of keeping them to your self, you make them "real". They aren't just something you are holding inside and coddling, but now something that you have brought into the light and said "Look! This is my dream, this is what I am going to do!" Then we allow the people we trust to be our support and encourage us. And to hold us accountable.

I have loved fitness nearly all my life. 5 years ago in 2004 I was at my highest weight ever and when I mentioned to my Mom the number, she was really concerned. So I started to do something about it. I started working out: bought a stair stepper, and changed my diet. I lost 15 pounds on my own. Then, I joined the YMCA and joined Weight Watchers and shed the last 20. In the middle of all of this, I sold a business I had started with a partner and needed to leave behind and got out of a bad relationship. It was by far some of the biggest changes in my life so far -all hard but good!!

My love for fitness was renewed and I discovered the beauty of working out.

Running, group fitness classes and eventually Roller DERBY (YEAH-Go Minnesota!) were all ways that I was keeping fit and loving the act of movement! No job, relationship, habit or event in my life has shown me the results that being fit and working out did and the results were seeping into every area of my life! In bettering my body, I couldn't help but work on the whole package. And that is what I am embarking on now. My goal #2 I am sharing with you is to help others work on their whole package: body, soul and spirit and be the best that they can be!

Here are a few Hints:
  • It's Personal
  • I will get to spend more time at the gym
  • I may get to scream at people like on the Biggest Loser. (probably not, I'm more of a power of positive thinking girl)
  • I will get to invest in more sneakers than pumps and more bosu balls than blazers...

This is where the normally positive girl gets to say once: it may be hard but it is guaranteed to be good! I will post more later about my journey to this place, but I will say that the non- student inside me gets to embark on some pretty intensive studying and book learnin' all on my own. I am positive, but am certain it will be a healthy challenge for me. I have a lot of work to do, and the timing of my goal is kind of aggressive, but I can't sit still anyway--why not dive into this goal head on!! And you guys will get to hear all the good stuff that I learn and experience along the way. Like I said, it' s personal...but, I think I can ACE it. :)


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

OK that professional photo is AMAZING...truly you look so beautiful. If you put that on a flyer I would hire you as my PERSONAL TRAINER immediatly. BEst of luck. You WILL do it.. I can just see you holding on to a rope and yelling at people. Hugs to life goals and challenges..

tra said...

hey! good luck on your ACE test for being a personal trainer right?

Missy said...

Sounds like an exciting goal!!

My best-friends husband is running in what I'm guessing is the same 1/2 marathon. I may go support him and I'll throw out an extra cheer for you as well!!!

TexNYQueen said...

I think that is super awesome! good luck with your goal and keep us posted on your progress!

Lauren @ Team Giles said...

That's awesome!!! you're so gonna be amazing

Rita said...

Congratulations and thanks for sharing with us!! You can do it - I love reading your blog and I wish you the ultimate success. Keep us posted and we will totally keep cheering you on!

sam said...

WOW you used to be a rollergirl? How did you get into that? Did you ever get to hipcheck someone I am very curious!

Mary Sailors said...

Oh yes, hipcheck, shoulder check, flat out knock down. A player named Misfit Maden full on tackled me once in my first season when fighting was still allowed! Now the hits are all just hardcore and athletic like you would see in football, only we land on concrete. I will have to do my derby post sooner than later on here...I have a pretty gruesome injury gallery I could post. : ) I am Mary Tyler Roar from MNRG

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