Friday, July 10, 2009

Fitness Commutes

Everyone knows what it’s like when your alarm clock tells you it’s time to go to work much earlier than your body is ready to. This morning I woke up feeling over worked, over tired and over stimulated! Too many things needing my attention before I even get my coffee! Spill on my best blazer, feed the howling cats, grab some toast and laptop and rush out the door only to miss the bus or sit in traffic. Maybe your mornings aren’t that rushed and your commute isn’t a metropolitan mess of cars and construction. Your commute time can be so much more than just an avenue for getting to work, it can be a chance to get fit, girl!

Today, like nearly everyday, I rode to work on my bike. It’s not a road bike or a 10 speed even, but an old blue Schwinn Breeze Cruisin’ bike. Just hoisting it onto the bike rack outside the office can be considered weight lifting-please! Not all of us can make it to the gym in the morning or have time for a full spin around the lakes, myself included. There are days where I am disciplined and really on the ball, but on the days when life takes over, it doesn’t mean that I, you, WE can’t really use the time we DO have before getting down to brass tacks.

Biking to work

I live in the second best ranked biking city in the nation behind Portland! Minneapolis has 40 miles of dedicated bike lanes along its fair streets and 83 miles of off-street biking paths! Together that's 123 fabulous reasons to map your new route to work! Don' know where the bike paths are in your city? Visit the city website and check it out, more than likely you will find that a bike commute is easier than you thought. Granted the hardest part about it is the hardest part of ANY exercise and that's our motivation and will to get up and do it! It requires planning, packing and maybe leaving a little earlier, but in the long run it will save you money, stress and make you feel better. A lot of cities are extremely bike friendly and will offer oodles of information online including maps, locations of bike lockers, and great events for you to take part in! So snag a sweet helmet that expresses just how fabulous it is to follow safety rules and bike on girl!!

Walk the Walk

A few years back when I lived about a mile and a half from my office, I would walk to work every morning.

Walking to work is a perfect time to sort your thoughts, think about your to do list, focus on your day and get that heart rate pumping!! There is nothing I love more than sorting out things that have been on my mind on a walk, there is just something about getting those legs moving that gets the wheels turning in your noggin too. Wake up and get jazzed about your day—even if you are heading off to sit it in a gray cubbie, this is your time! Need some extra motivation? Get a pedometer to track how far you have gone! Make it a weekly date with some friends or use the time to work on affirmations or memorizing your favorite poem. Check with your town or city to see if they have walking tours available to acclimate yourself with the paths and trails near you!

However you work it on your way to work, it’s all about using the small moments to make big changes. If you can’t walk or bike, try a few of these helpful idea’s to get that blood pumpin before pushing papers for the day.

  • Leave your car at a park, residential street or a free-lot away from the downtown area and walk the rest of the way in.
  • Take the stairs. My office is on the 14th floor and taking those stairs may be just the challenge your looking for to start the day.
  • Elevaors are our friends. Use your 60 seconds in the elevator to do some squats or stretches. Let’s just hope the security camera’s are out of tape.
  • Hit the skyway on your lunch break and get the office gossip to go with and keep you company-THAT will get your pulse racing!

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