Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Activity Log Challenge

So, in keeping with my last post, I am embarking on an
8 week Activity Log Challenge

I have created an account at Online Fitness Log and am tracking how many days a week I take part in what activities. I am not calling it an exercise log, because I don't always get "exercise" in everyday, but I do things to make sure I am active. 

My goal will be to track my daily activity, shooting for 3 days of 30+ minutes of cardio per day and 2 days of strength training even if at home (these can fall on the same day, if I am that ambitious and that awake). The other days of the week, I will still track my activity (walking to the store, biking to work, a quick core workout at home, jumping jacks while watching Clean House) to be sure that I am active daily! I will post my goals at the start of the week and see where I am at the weeks close! 

Then I will post a nifty graph or chart so you can see my progress everyweek! This will keep me humble and accountable for actually tracking what I do and hopefully be a motivation to myself and to you to stay active! 

Now for your part! Do YOU have a favorite  activity tracker/exercise log that you use? If you do, send me an email or post a comment with the site, so I can take a look at it! I  will try them and review them for you to see which are the most user friendly. 

Feel free to post comments about your own progress if you are track your daily activity along side me. Want even more motivation and incentive? Send me an email here and I will add you to a weekly email encouraging you to be active and pass along tips and tricks you can follow to help gals like us stay active and fabulous! 

Let the Challenge Begin! 

Week 1
Monday: rest day/biked to work and back
Tuesday: bike to work and back/ run 3 miles
Wednesday: bike to gym and back/60 min strength training
Thursday: bike to work and back/45 min Spin class
Friday: Bike to work and back/60 min strength training
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 5 mile run

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