Thursday, July 16, 2009

Won't Bring me down

So, I am doing some house sitting out in the burbs and am changing up my routine a bit! It's kind of fun, I feel all domestic and such, I even pulled the trash cans in off the curb this morning, and waved to a neighbor who was also leaving for work. Hello Donna Reed! But this means, for more than a week, I am splitting my time between pads and have added 35 min or so commute to work.

This morning was my first morning with a "driving commute" in almost 10 years. I used to drive from Mpls to St. Paul for work, but that was in my 1970's VW bus, Mildred, so it was never a boring drive. As I was headed into Minneapolis bumper to bumper with other cars, trucks, SUV's and one lone Metro Transit bus up ahead I noted a few things:

1) I had the urge to listen to talk radio, traffic & news updates. Frightened, I quickly popped in ELO.
2) I didn't see anyone, eating, texting or putting on mascara in their car! Fabulous, thanks for not endangering me!
3) There were TONS of cars and SUV's with only one driver. Including me. Eek, day one and I am already feeling bad about it.

After a relatively easy drive in, I went to my house, petted the kitties and picked up my bike to ride the rest of the way into work. This will serves two purposes for me. The first being I am getting a bit of activity in and second I forgo the downtown traffic in a car.

I realized though that my plans to workout will have to really become a priority so they don't get lost in the time crunch. My work, my diggs and gyms are all within a 2 mile radius, but now I will have to modify my mornings even more. Getting up early enough to go to the gym and still face 35W to get to my work on time.

Today for instance, I was planning on hitting the spin class before work in downtown Minneapolis, but the day one "drive-in from the way out" threw me off a bit. Luckily I passed a YMCA on my way out the suburban maze, so I will see what classes are available there to fill my morning and nightly workouts in a more convenient way. Score!

Well, this is just another example of life's little challenges with our quest to stay active and stay fit...but there is always a way to keep on-keepin' on even if traffic is at a stand still!

YMCA Grand Re-Opening!

It's before meets after at the Blaisdell branch of the Minneapolis YMCA! This Saturday July 18th is the Grand Re-Opening of the branch located at 3335 Blaisdell Ave. South. There will be a ceremony from 10:00 - 11:00am and the open House from 11 am - 5pm. Incase your curious, my July 9th Blog
Spinning out of Control is about the Tuesday/Thursday Spin class at this branch. Don't go stealing my spot!

Non-members are free from 10-5 with an ID! Stop in and try the new state of the art fitness center, take a Group X Class, visit the XRKade Center for teens, Kids classes and activities going on all day, open swim and open gym, plus recieve a free tote bag!

Want MORE?

Become a Y member during the Grand re-opening and receive 0$ start up fees and a free fitness consultation and assessment, a $150 dollar value!

Visit the website here to see a slide show of the new YMCA facilities! Amenities include:

Indoor Pool – 6-lane Indoor Pool
YMCA Swim Academy Swim Lessons – ages 6 months to adult
Swim TeamGym Fitness Center
Running/Walking Track – 18 laps = 1 mile
Group Exercise – Group X Classes –
Yoga, Group Cycle, Step, etc.
Personal Training
Kids Stuff/Child Care
Teen Center

Click here for directions or call 612-827-5401.

They have pretty colored free weights! I heart the Y! I heart body pump!

It's so welcoming!
See you there !!

I am promoting this as an involved and appreciative YMCA member only, this blog is not affiliated with the YMCA in anyway.
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