Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend Fitness and Fun!

So, other than my Sunday run/walk with my mentee, this weekend was pretty much a total bust for fitness, which bums me out. The run was 2.91 miles (Lake of the Isles) and in the middle of it, I stopped to run some hills on the north side by the tennis courts. I ran the hill 6 times and then finished the last mile of our run. Then I did about 35 weighted lunges on each leg. Weighted incidentally with a 5 liter jug of olive oil, because it was what I could find! I looked for a scale to weigh it but couldn't find one. (remember folks that I have been hanging out in the burbs and am thrown into a large family's suburban home life!)

Needless to say, even with the best intentions to try and run Saturday and get to body pump Sunday, these didn't happen. I had the chance to go for a bike around the hood, but opted to cook a healthy supper instead and make sure that I had some healthy food for today's lunch. But, I am striving for a balance and since I did run, I will plan a bike ride in the burbs later this week!

So now for the fitness fun part of the weekend! I was able to volunteer for the
Miracle Kids Triathalon that was held at Lake Nokomis on Saturday the 18th! There were about 400 kids between the ages of 7-17 who participated in the swim, bike, run event.

Mission: To introduce kids to a fun way to get fit, be active and learn the value of giving back through racing in a world-class event.

Theme: Kids Racing for Kids Who Can’t. Hundreds of Minnesota kids are battling cancer and are too sick to race - so the Miracle Tri kids do the racing for them. Their leg's marked with the name of the child with cancer they are racing for in spirit.

t was a sweet event and there is a second event coming up August 15th at Lake Ann Park in Chanhassen. Click here for more details or to register! Every participant wears the #1 for a race number and comes away with a medal for their big race accomplishment!!

The other Fun Fitness event of the weekend was the Blaisdell YMCA Grand Re-opening There was a carnival in the parking lot and give-a-ways! It was a huge success. I was able to sit in on the ribbon cutting ceremony listen to the history of the location and how it was transformed.

Fitness Log update to come soon...sneek preview: I can't find a fitness log I like.

Miracle Kids Tri: getting in the lake

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