Thursday, July 23, 2009

Single Serving!

So...where to meet single men who are into fitness you ask? (or I ask, really) When you're at the gym, it's not in a group fitness class, I can tell you that. And that is what I mainly do at the gym! In the spring, summer and fall, most of my cardio takes place outside and I will only hit the gym for strength training or the spin classes you all know I love.

But am I the only one that has noticed the boy/ girl ratio in a group fitness class is worse than fat to carbs? Usually the men are over in the weight training area grunting away and lifting a weight the size of my torso. Or they are on the machines, ipod intact, totally in the zone, or breathing heavier than I do when Macy's has a shoe sale. It's not conducive to chatter! Someone told me once that if you want to meet interesting people, you have to do interesting things and go to interesting places. And if you and some triathlete investment banker are on the treadmills at the same time, at least you have an idea of one thing they value: their health. Let's face it, it is important to have things like that in common. Knowing you're on the same page, geez sometimes just knowing your in the same book, is really important.

But women are more likely to go to fitness classes than men are. The social aspect, the music, choreographed routine, the idea of following someone through your work out etc... these are not things that will attract men. I mean the cliche of men not asking for directions kind of rings true when you look at how many will step into a yoga class room or body vive session. There are exceptions to the rule of course, there always are. I say kudos to the dude who can grapevine to techno and rock downward dog. Maybe they don't think they will get a hard enough workout, they are intimidated by the estrogen fest in the room or they don't think they can follow the routine, but whatever the reason, most men are not going to be found going to group fitness classes.


Need alternatives? Here are a few ideas. Running groups: most running stores have these and they are free to join up with. At the very least you will get a work out and make friends who have the same interest. Also volunteering at races, and other athletic events. Not every guy is going to be competing...maybe they are injured or resting. Either way working the volunteer table is a great place to strike up a conversation and turn on charm and there is no shortage of paper and pens, so get that number! Get involved with organizations that stress fitness and activity. I spend some of my time doing a mentorship and they have mixers and happy hours for the volunteers. Many times, fit single guys are filling their time and waiting for a mate the same way we back and helping others. Good luck and if you are lucky enough to find a fit boy to spend you time with, show him and his single buddies that the fitness classes aren't all that hard and give the rest of us gals a shot.

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