Sunday, July 26, 2009

Blogger in crime

Fitz this, cat!, iz in your blog trackin' your milage

Tonight is my first night back at my place after house sitting, I haven't really been at home or blogged at home for a week and a half. My silly little kittie, Fitz this cat, is all up in my bid-ness tonight as I am doing a little writing. There was a showdown between the keyboard and his belly, this desk isn't big enough for the both of them. Belly won. He was my little helper, putting unnecessary commas in just to be frivolous and deletingspaces he thought I was being too liberal with. *sigh* Just so you know every time I write, the belly is there, my blogging buddy.

Running tunes that I love today:

10) Come Sail Away, Styx
9) Don't Stop Till you Get Enough, MJ, RIP
8) Please Don't Stop the Music, Rihanna
7) Eye of the Tiger, Survivor
6) Oh What a World, Rufus Wainright
5) Ask the Lonely, Journey
4) The Distance, Cake
3) Running With the Devil, Van Halen
2) Blitzkrieg Bop, The Ramones
1) Don't Stop believin', Journey

And I am off for a run of my own!! Be on the look out for my activity log update tomorrow! Yikes, the site looks great, but my numbers don't!

Embracing Balance

Happy Sunday! Guess what? Today I am a guest blogger over on Jamie's inspiring blog Embracing Balance!! Check it out and be sure to follow her for great advice and encouragement on finding balance in your life! Today you can read a little about what I consider DIY--Do it yourself fitness--Enjoy!

The journey of 1000 miles...

I bought a ring this weekend with the quote:

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

I have an affinity for getting jewelry with meaning to me and often with words on it. I have a ring that says fear not and reminds me that God tells us over and over to fear not, that he is with us. I have a ring that reminds me of the space where old friends will always overlap and find common ground, a ring salvaged together to remind me of standing my ground and a ring that reminds me that I don't have to be defined by any action, object or opinion. It reminds me I am not who I was, that I am a new person. I can be who I am right now and change who I am tomorrow without loosing my intrinsic value.

This ring for me means a few different things. For starters, I feel that my journey through fitness has truely been a journey of 1000 miles and I have about 997.5 left to go. Through high school and college sports, abandoning fitness, battling lifestyle changes and overcoming them to renew my love for the run and my thirst for health, I am indeed on a journey. I am reminded that every day is a new day, and that I should be glad and rejoice. Every new day is a chance to take that single step in the right direction and to step toward positive change.

Yesterday that meant going for a run with my girlfriend Molly. It ended up being a run/walk because it's hard to catch up and laugh at life and ourselves when we are running...but we were headed in the right direction, because we were out there doing it. Somedays, that single step, that simply standing up and starting is the vicotry. This past spring I was dealt an injury card in my fitness hand. It was a set back in my ability to do many of the work outs i loved. Being injured to the extent I was, was a new experience for me. I had to learn to slow down and listen to my body. I had to follow Dr.'s orders and not run, not skate, not lift weights. Slowly I have come back to a place where I can do these things, but It feels very much like the start of a new journey. I am excited and encouraged by the small steps that I know are taking me on my journey, excited over just starting with a single step.

The second thing the ring means to me is that sometimes when you are on a journey, there will be waiting time. It seems contradictory at first, but when you stop to think, any physical journey we have been on has waiting time. Rest stops on road trips, the water station during a run, being benched during the big game or waiting in the terminal for that plane you know is there, circling the runway. Well, I am on an additional journey and currently in that waiting room, but I know that once the wait is over there will be bigger and better plans for me, there will be a Boaz in my future.  I am encouraged everyday for all the journeys I get to experience!

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