Monday, July 27, 2009

Activity log Challenge: Week two, You had me at Default shoe

Happy Monday!!

This past week I used to track my activity and I LOVED it. I loved it, with hearts and rainbows and free pony rides kind of loved it. To begin when you register you are not inundated with pop-up ads! You can enter all sorts of fantastic information to pimp your profile, like a default activity and a default shoe (perfect to track miles on new pink kicks!). And you can add additional shoes such as a second running/racing pair or walking shoes to track miles on those as well.

When you go to create an entry, you chose your poison in the drop down box: run, bike, swim, ski, golf, even a rest day entry. You then enter distance & time and can enter any relevant comments, such as, "It was a hot day", "Pushed myself on mile 4" or "Got beat by the neighbor kid again". Whatever helps you remember why it was you performed the way you did. This is a great place to track what you ate if you are trying to find things that will work well for your body in a race day situation!

*click on calendar images to enlarge!

In the right column you can see the day and date on a small calendar in case you're like me and ya can't ever remember what day it is. Plus you can back track or track forward easily by changing the day and getting a blank entry on the left. Is like magic. Underneath that calendar you see a place to choose what shoe you wore for that activity. This is where it got me," You had me at default shoe."

After you input as many entries as your little heart desires, you can toggle across the tabs at the top of the site and view the calendar. What I love about the calendar view, is it actually DOES show the activity for that day, and with a hip little icon to boot. Oh so helpful for us visual people: at a glance the icon tells me what days I rested and it If I am going to run and lift on the same day. Talk about planning head-- you can know just what to bring to the gym and what to plan for breakfast. The last column is a tally of the milage and time logged for the week. This milage total is of course added to the shoes you chose as default as well. Pony rides people, oh yeah.

*click on calendar images to enlarge!

Here is just another at a glance style shot of the whole training log, broken down in even more categories, including calories burned and estimated pace. It also shows comments to remind you what happened, what your mood or running conditions were.

*click on calendar images to enlarge!

By clicking on Log View Options you can check the boxes of what you want to view: Workout types, heart rates, moods, shoes, calories, comments so that you are able to customize it depending on the activity type. I would leave heart rate off a weight training session but check calories for example.

Then if it wasn't good enough, there is a Great Quote at the bottom, this is something I customized in profile preferences. I mean who wouldn't want powerful and motivating quotes as they are logging their own successes! I say bring it on! ( you can also add a weather widget, but we should all be working out regardless of what old man weather is doing-- see tomorrows post for more on that.)

This is your main dashboard view, a nice place to pick as default. It also has a sweet chart at the bottom, and I love charts, graphs, even pies, not so much the key lime, but. It shows your highest milage of the 7 day period and what day it occurred on. It's not rocket science, but it totals the mileage of the shoes as well as the age of the shoes also from the first activity logged with them. It may not be very information intense, but it is much more cut and dried than the graph I posted from the last site I tested. Plus this one is pretty.

Overall I give the site an A!! But I have a few suggestions from followers and will be looking into one each week, for the next six weeks in my challenge. If you are working on logging your activity, even in just your own journal format, send me an email! I would LOVE to hear what you are doing and your progress...if you are not, you can join me now and we will work on being accountable for tracking our success together!

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