Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My awesome friend Becky!

My awesome friend Becky and her hubby Eric are flying out this morning to Lithuania for two years!  She will be working at LCC International University and he will be attending it! 

I met Becky less than a year ago and she has had such a wonderful and positive impact on my life! She re-ignited some flames in my heart and life that I thought had been doused for good--that's what a great spirit she has. I will miss her! Still I am super excited for their new adventure and can't wait to follow their journey on their BLOG (what? Plugging a blog?) I know... 

Good luck Becky!! 

Jenn, Becky and me looking freakishly short. 

My summer Runs

I live in a PERFECT area for running, near the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes or Grand Rounds!
It offers me miles of running trails with beautiful scenery, plus they are well marked and well mapped out so you can know exactly where you want to go and how many miles you are from being done!

From my quaint 'lil apartment to the lake and around is 4.91 miles, a nice distance for me to knock out after work or on a sunny Sunday, which I did just this weekend! I am happy to be able to share with you a little picture diary of my favorite summer run and all the lovely things I pass and find along the way!

get that unruly hair secured!

big fat shades from Styled Life in the Gallaria Mall! Check!

sweet recycled ipod mini with bunches of Rufus on it!

the Wedge co-op, your friendly neighborhood natural food store!
Sometimes I stop here on my way home for a smoothie.... (drool, drool, sigh)

almost to the lake-hurrah! Sidewalk eating at Tao Foods!

sorry I stalkingly took this pic-what a sweet sight!! I heart books too!

half way point and view of downtown from bridge!

artistic stretching shot...
this means 2 blocks from home, don't stop now!

once upon a sweaty time... there was this girl. K it was me.

There may be a chance that I will do a long run this fall, I will keep you posted on that, but for now, you can find me at the lakes, catch me if you can!

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