Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Great Mail Day!

I received my newly won fuel belt in the mail today from the fabulous Erica over at I run because I can!

I was SO excited, i got it in the mail at work and opened it up to put it on right at the front desk! I thought maybe I should take it for a test drive in the skyway or with some coffee in it...

This is a little incentive for me to sign up for my "long run" I am hoping to do this fall...are you curious?? 

PLUS, I got my copy of Jillian Michael's 30 day shred, which I have been wanting for a really long time... !! Yippie! I love Jillian and all her sass and funk. 


Tonight I am aiming for bed early, I am going to attempt to coax the morning person I believe to be hiding inside of me, out into the open the next few weeks! So it must be early to bed, early to rise for me! Before I go, a few  abs in the living room! Good night! 

Activity Log: Daily Mile Love

So, instead of searching out a whole new activity log (which I will be continuing to do...thanks for all your input!!) this week I stumbled across this cool little gem! Daily Mile! It's just a little tool to track your miles, but in doing so you also share your training with others no matter what that training is! It's like social networking geared directly toward athletes or aspiring athletes!

as always, please click the pics to make them large and in charge!

You sign up, login and take off!! If you want to connect with your friends Daily Mile account or with other runners/cyclers/triathletes etc...that you know-- it is easy. Daily Mile allows you to connect with other social networking sites, (they even allow you to login through face book) and email, invite or hook up with your friends. Tweet! Oh.. I mean, sweet!!

Click here to invite, stalk or inundate your friends into even more social networking and fitness madness! Oops! All in jest lovies, I think this little site and the tools it offers will really be an asset!

Here is a shot of the little dashboard or main page that you see when you are ready to start updating your training and progress.

You will see these options across the top of the page:
Post a workout, Find Friends to Share Training or Sync Twitter, Facebook, Nike+

You can post a note that are simply for yourself to see, they will not post or appear on the social sites you sync with (say that 5 times fast). Notes to let you know how you did or felt, like: Didn't get 4 miles in, got 3 with some yoga. Hot day, needed more water. Whatever thought or condition your little heart wants to note. The workout post page is below. It's self explanatory and easy to fill out, not every field is required. ALL of your notes will appear on the day displayed, below the workout, even if they were typed on a different day:

The notes will not show on the sites your syncing with, but if you log a workout you will be prompted to publish it OR skip adding it to your site. Funny though it will post the comments in how you felt, the miles or the workout itself is below in tiny font... those friends of yours hanging on your every tweet or post may be confused. For instance, my 4 mile run posted with the comment first and the route/distance at the bottom, like this:

Ha!! It would make more sense to the reader if the 4 miles and ending at Joes for coffee were first or larger! But you can also grab a little widget for your site or your blog that is very snazzy and will automatically update when ever you post a workout. These widget WILL post your comments so don't go saying anything negative about a slow partner or ugly leggings. :) I think it is a great little tool for updating your fitness info on all the sites you haunt, and to stay accountable too! Up, up, update away!!

To my delight there is a graph too!! You know how I love pretty charts and graphs that turn numbers and statistics into shapes and colors that I can dig. The chart below only shows 2 days because that is all that I have posted for the month so far, and one is a test post since I JUST discovered this fab little tool yesterday.

There are running totals along the bottom for a month summary, and you can toggle between a week, month and year view plus change sports at the top right. You CAN change the graph information in the drop down box on the top left. Distance, Time, pace and calories--sweet. I will be using Daily Mile...well daily for my running and biking. Let me know if you will too or if you like this little social fit-working tool as much as I do!

Much Love!

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