Friday, August 7, 2009

Fitness Fashion: Thrifty Fit girls!

I love to shop at boutique's: the soft material, the new yoga pant smell, that fresh, never been wicked, wicking material in a rainbow of colors. But just like any fit girl out there, I have other places to put my money. So last weekend I hit the thrift store to score  few new workout duds on a fit this, girl budget. And I hit the jackpot for pocket change!! 

Anne Klein cream top: $3

Tagless Aqua 3/4 sleeve top with bubble design: 3$

Gap yellow top with flower and sparkles: $1.50 (!!)

Adidas sports bra: $1.50 (still elastic-y and super clean!)

TOTALLY sick aqua mesh hoodie Victoria's Secret: Free Pile (I know, I know, the reason is obvious, but I could NOT pass it up!)

Do you have a favorite place to score cheap workout duds? Do tell!!

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