Saturday, August 8, 2009

Running Tunes that I love today!

Always Coming Back Home to You, Atmosphere
Army of Me, Bjork
Viva La Vida, Cold Play
Love Game, Lady GaGa
This Modern Love, Bloc Party
Radar, Britney Spears
That's Not my Name, The Ting Tings

Want to pick up your pace? Try running home when the sky is green and the tornado sirens are screaming behind you. It makes for a very fast last mile!! Happy running!

Genie in a bottle: water as a supplement?

What is up with all the waters out there ? Life water, skinny water, dextox water, vitamin water, and smart water? I mean, I don't want my water smarter than I am, no thanks! (but if there were income tax or break up talk water, it'd buy it) People are paying upward of $2.00 per bottle, sometimes more than once a day. And for what? For vitamins and supplements they should be getting from their diet and additives they shouldn't be getting at all and that can mean empty calories...they creep up on you!

As a nation of consumers, we buy into the marketing that is pushed on us. We are bombarded with images of beautiful people drinking the magic elixir for what is ailing us!  We believe them when they tell us that drinking this bottle of water will help us be skinny, feel better after a drinking too much, will improve our memory or help us perform better on the field. And why not, I think a lot of people read the name of a product and do not read what is contained in them! 

Need to get vitamins? 
Take one multi-vitamin daily with a meal and eat from the food pyramid here!

Need to get Skinny? 
Then cut out the empty calories your drinking! Reducing liquid calories is 5 times more effective than reducing calories from solid foods! Add exercise to your routine, 60 min of high intensity cardio 3x a week will skinify you. 

Need to get smart? 
Eat Leafy green vegetables and read a book, if you do it at the same time, you get twice the brain power. 

Need to detox? 
Drink Water!! Don't hit a detox drink or flavored drink that promises to detox, if there are any additives in it, it is doing the opposite! Flush your system with water! You will feel energized, rested and more alert!! 

Need a life? Dump the "life" water and make time everyday for something that you value as important. Life water is just empty calories, but if you live your values, your life will be far from empty. 

If you do need something more to re-hydrate after an intense workout give Recharge  a try. It is all natural, organic drink with electrolytes. But always load up on good old H2O first!! 

Drink up dolls! There is nothing like the real thing!! 

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