Monday, August 10, 2009

Leg-warmers Optional

It is back in full effect. I don't mean jelly shoes, side pony's or hammer pants, I mean Jazzercise and IT means business. The new version of Jazzercise would have Jane Fonda on the floor, I can guarantee it. They have introduced resistance work with weights and balls and have added hip-hop and kickboxing moves, it is a full body workout.

Jazzercise is a 60-minute group fitness class combining cardio, strength, and stretch moves for a total body workout. We’ve taken moves from hip-hop, yoga, Pilates, jazz dance, kickboxing, and resistance training and bundled them into one hour. How many calories will I burn? You'll burn up to 500 calories in a 60-minute Jazzercise class!

Legwarmers optional but fabulous! Me before the class.

The class I attended was a 30 min free session at the Lucy store in Minneapolis. The girls From Jazzercise were there leading 3 sessions, giving away prizes and passing out a ton of great info about Jazzercise. As the class started, I was nervous because I am not super coordinated. If it is just me out there burning up the dance floor, no problem! If I have to follow the instructors sashay, high step and grapevine, we're all in trouble. Lucky for me, the Lucy store moved all the racks of clothes and gave me, er...I mean us, space.

The music was so great--it was all modern, so it was fun to groove to music I knew. Even so, my leg-warmers and I were hoping for a bit of throw back to the 80's. The instructor's enthusiasm was off the hook and it was a REALLY good workout! I was sweatin' girls...whew.

Lately with these little out of the box exercises I have been trying, I have learned that the old saying really is true: you get out, what you put in. Anyone can shuffle around a Jazzercise class for 30-60 min. But when you really put your all in, really lift when the instructor says to lift, really hop when they say hop and really squat when they say squat you will get the most out of it. That really is a truth about life also. Let's give everything we do our all!

Nita and I after Jazzercise! We are glistening with fabulousness and sass!

It was a FABULOUS workout and I will be going to a full length class soon, I can't wait to see what it is like with the weights--watch out body pump! Click HERE to visit the site and find a facility or class near you. They are having a SALE, Monday August 17th. 99$ unlimited classes for the REST of the YEAR. That may be too hot of an offer to pass up! Check it out...

Thank you to The Lucy Store in Edina!
Be sure and check out more of their Fitness Friday events for free classes!

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