Friday, August 14, 2009

Spicing up your workout

Quick Idea's to spice up any workout:

Running: Complete a set of sprints in the middle of your moderate length run. Jog slowly after each one, breathing deep and getting your heart rate to slow as soon as possible.

Walking: Carry hand weights while you walk and insert short spurts of jogging if you can for 1 min or more. At least once a week choose a walking path that is more challenging for you.

Cycling: Stand up sprints for 60 seconds each mile! Weight bearing exercises for cyclist are vital as well. Run with your bike in tow (if your brave) for a block at the end of the ride.

Hills: Biking, walking or running hills is a good way also to spice up your routine. A set of sprints up a steep hill or walking a route with a gradual incline once a week will build strength!

Misc. Fun:
  • Create a scavenger hunt for friends where you have to run or bike to find the items!
  • Jump rope at your house for 2 min, do 50 sit ups and as many push ups as you can, repeat.
  • Break out the roller blades or skates and hit the trails!
  • End your workout with agility exercises and calisthenics such as: grapevine, high knees, heel kicks and suicides.

What ever your sport of choice, cross training is essential to keep your body from stress injuries or over training. So if you run, bike or swim, throw something new in there at least once a week, your body will thank you. Also when doing any kind of interval training, research suggests that you're far better off exercising lightly during your recovery intervals, compared to stopping and resting. So between very intense work intervals, active rest such as a slow jog or brisk walk is best.

Spice it up!!

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