Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Goal #1: Half Marathon


So, I am doing it...I am going to run a half marathon! Three years ago I participated in the Twin Cities Ten Mile which is run at the same time as the marathon. I LOVED it. I knew that longer distances were my thing!! I struggled in High School Cross Country running the 2 mile races. But as an adult I discovered that right around 3-5 and up is really where I really get the groove.

So, I spent three years running a pinch and skating for Minnesota RollerGirls a lot. Now, that I am back in the swing of runnin' -n- things, I feel I needed a longer race challenge. I am officially registered for the Monster Dash half marathon on halloween!!

Monday of this week I began training and will be following Hal Higdon's Intermediate half marathon training guide.
Tonights challenge: finding somewhere to run quarter mile sprints.

Do you have a new goal?? Do tell!

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