Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Map My Run

Hello! Happy TUESDAY!

I haven't been as diligent as I should have in searching out activity trackers this past week and a half, mostly because I am in love with the Daily Mile and the Internet Training Log. However--I have discovered a very handy tool for finding out how far your run, walk, bike rides are if you do not know already. Maybe you have a favorite route and don't know how far it is or maybe you need to go a certain distance but don't know where to go to reach that!! Map my Run is a great tool to help you find routes near you and track miles!

You can track ahead or figure your distance after the run. There are most likely a ton of routes saved in your city as there were mine!

In either case, you are able to save prior routes created and search for ones in any area by city name or zip code. This means that if you are visiting home you can create a few routes and plan ahead so that you have no excuse not to log some miles of your choice. For instance this weekend I went to visit my Mom and ran an old cross country route that I thought I remembered being a five mile run. Once I got home and tracked what I really did, I saw it was 5.4. Creating the routes ahead of time is a nice way to pick your distance and stick to that, if you do devitae on the trip, you can always edit the route on map my run after the fact. Also, if you are visiting a new city, you can search for routes in that City, and by distance, newest created, most popular etc.

It's not the most user friendly website in the world, but it serves a great purpose. Because of the way that the routes are added to the maps (which are like city street maps from google) it can lack accuracy. As you can see for every spot you click on, the site will leave a square and map the route by connecting those.

So to really track the millage on a curved street or around a corner or lake, ideally you have to have many little squares, if not you will cut corners and inadvertently cut milage. BUT it will automatically mark your miles in gray circles which is nice to see. Still to be as accurate as possible it has to be tediously done or it will just serve as a good estimate.

Finished route and miles on the upper right:

Happy trails, happy tracking!

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