Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Weekend Recap: Lots of Pink

It was a pink kind of weekend visiting my Mom in Southeastern MN. Every picture seemed to have pink hues running throughout, it is my favorite color!! Friday morning, we took off for a run/bike on the Douglas Trail, an old railroad route that now paved, runs 12.5 miles between PineIsland and Rochester. Here we are heading out for my short run of the weekend:

Then it was off to the largest flea market/Antique sale EVAH! It is one of my faves and always falls the weekend near my Mom's birthday and that was of course why I was visiting! We made a trip to town and bought straw hats to brave the intense sun--it was 95 in the shade that day!

Me in my three finger hat, mom in her 28 days later MNRG Tee, her hat was in the back.

Next: our morning smoothie!! TONS of spinach, blueberries, rice milk, frozen tropical mix and some electrolyte packs ! My mom is the one who turned me on to smoothies and I love them ! Also, I am really grateful to all my blogger friends who turned me on to adding spinach! You have converted me!!

Best car was parked outside church on Sunday and I was like the pink paparazzi spotting a bald Brittany! This is my dream car, even if up close it looks spray painted. I will even rat my bangs....again.

L to R: Mom, Sister Bobbie, Niece Marissa, Niece Mandy, Me! We are girly girls! Pinks and ruffles and Lace!! This was the Women of Destiny Lucheon with Speaker Kellie Copeland --WOW. God is great everyone!!


Me before the longer run on Sunday: sporting my new AC/DC wrist band. It did not help the 5.5 miles go faster or easier, but I sure was fabulous while doing them! I heart the eighties!

What mother/daughter pairing doesn't shop at least a little when they get together? We LOVE it. But we are frugal about it--hitting the flea market, and a thrift store--check out these pink and black roos!! $4.95 yo...that is a necessity, am I right? And I can walk in them so they are for, plus. Not pictured is the Magnum PI lap TV tray that I scored for a quarter. A QUARTER. Good night, Tom.

Who wouldn't want to come home to Fitz this, cat! He's so cuddly and sweet! Too bad he didn't help me unpack...

Wedge Wednesdays: Facial Care Products!

Here are just a few of my favorite facial care products carried by or that are able to be special ordered by The Wedge co-op! Remember that the best way to moisturize is from the inside out with lots of water!!

Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream is a rich, luxurious daily moisturizer. Soothing rose ingredients nurture, renew and protect sensitive, dry and weather-damaged skin. Protects skin against dryness and irritation in harsh conditions. Soothes and heals red, flaking, irritated skin. Seals in moisture to prevent dryness.

The evanhealy Blue Lavender Cleansing Milk is a pH balanced cleanser -- with essential oils of lavender, blue chamomile and immortelle -- soothes and calms sensitive skin conditions including rosacea.

Sea Buckthorn Moisturizing Cream Silky-smooth daytime moisturizer offers antioxidant protection, restores moisture and softness and invigorates dull, dry skin on contact.



Sea Buckthorn Oil & Ester-C®Powerful antioxidants & nutrients; smooth & protect
Organic Evening Primrose and Rosa Mosqueta® OilsRich emollients; restore skin’s moisture balance
Canadian WillowherbCalms & balances skin

Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree Oil Facial Cleansing Pads contain a refreshing combination of pure essential oils and herbal extracts to leave your face free from oil, dirt, and makeup residue. Used regularly, these convenient pads will improve the texture, clarity, and radiance of your skin.

Peaches & crème face and neck 8% alpha hydroxy moisturizer is an intensive moisturizer for the face and neck.
- Exfoliates, allowing healthy skin cells to emerge
- Quickly absorbing, long-lasting emollience
- Improves even severely dry skin
- Improves skin tone and texture- Reduces discoloration and age spots.

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