Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why I work out!

  1. Working out makes me nicer to people.
  2. It is good for my soul to exercise.
  3. I am called to take care of this, the only body I am given.
  4. It keeps my arteries clean and clear!
  5. It keeps my heart strong so I can live longer.
  6. I can fit in my skinny jeans...again and again!
  7. If my body ain't happy, my mind and soul ain't happy, then no one's happy.
  8. I love the pretty clothes for every activity!
  9. I can run away from bad situations and not even get tired.
  10. I love doing it, it is part of who I am...

Running tunes I love today:Child of the 80'-90's

Van Halen: Running with the Devil
Pretty Poison: Catch Me (I'm Falling) Check the Keytars in the video!
Young MC: Bust a Move
The Jets: Rocket 2 U
Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam: Head to Toe
Black Box: Everybody Everybody
Snap: The Power
Soul II Soul: Back to life
When in Rome: The Promise

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