Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stay fit while injured!

When you are an active person who is injured, nothing is harder than not getting back to your routine! I know, I know -- you need to RICE (Rest, Ice, Compress & Elevate) for no less than 72 hours after your injury. Depending on the kind of injury and how you are feeling after those initial three days you can begin to introduce activity again.

Even then, if you can't participate in your sport or activity of choice there are a lot of things that you can do till your healed up! Just be SURE and get permission from your doctor or physical therapist before you do anything and always take it slow so you don't re-injure or aggravate your already sore condition! Here are some ideas to keep you on the up and up and fit while injured!

  • Walking: Walking is a grossly underestimated fitness activity!! You can burn a lot of calories and keep those pound at bay by walking. In many cases, walking can be therapeutic for injuries, not just a means to keep moving.
  • Swimming or water jogging: You can keep your endurance, strength and cardio-vascular fitness in top shape by taking a dip in the pool. It works the whole body with little to no strain, resistance or impact making it perfect for injury recovery. Just remember, no matter what you're doing, if you experience pain, stop.
  • Massage: Massage can help stretch muscles that can not conventionally be stretched, breakdown scar tissue, reduce pain and increase circulation! There are some injuries that should NOT be massaged though, check them out here or speak to your doctor regarding your situation.
  • Biking: This is also low impact and can help in keeping you active while you heal. For myself, since my injury was knee related, this was especially good to rotate the joint without impact. I feel in love with spin during my injury. Cross training is an excellent way to excel at your sport anyway! You will be way ahead when you come back full strength!
  • Stretching: Light, gentle stretching can aid in recovery. Static stretching is where you place the body or part of the body you are stretching into position. Passive stretching is where a device is used or another person assists you in further stretching the muscles. Stretch carefully and always clear it with your doctor!
  • Attitude!! Stay positive, follow your routine and listen to your body...injuries do not have to, nor will they last forever!! Be diligent with your Dr.'s orders and take your recovery one step at a time.
You can stay in your fabulous shape (whatever that shape may be!) until you are able to move forward on your journey, but you have to keep your attitude up!! Reach for your goals and you will achieve them! Be well!

Mary at is not a physician or dietitian, see your doctor with any questions regarding your fitness regiment or diet.
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