Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lucy Activewear Review

The fantastic folks over at Lucy Activewear sent me some super fun duds to test out! They apparently saw a few of my posts after I discovered the store near me and wanted me to tell you about some of their new clothes!

For starters they sent me this green Circuit Tee which is very versatile, soft and comfy!
It has a cute open back and is a little longer so wearing it for yoga or climbing is ideal because it won't pull up and show your tummy, plus there are 2 big fashion pockets which make it fun to just wear if you are out and about on a Saturday.

This is NOT my back, I am not that tan!

Circuit Tee in action!

They also sent me an outfit that I am using as a running outfit, but can be worn for almost anything. Criss Cross Tank and Power Cardio Pant. I took them on a 5 mile journey the very next day! A 2 mile walk and 3 mile run and I was SO pleasantly surprised at how they moved with my body. If you look in the picture below, you will see how the Criss Cross tank comes very close under the arms, it leaves very little space for skin there. This was SUCH a perfect fit because it was a hot day and there was no room for any skin to rub and get sore.
Score for Lucy!

The back has a black mesh stripe which was wonderful for breathability and there was even a zippered pocket, Hidden along the back also for an ID or keys. It was like a little present inside a present! The top was snug and comfortable, I was able to move how I wanted to and keep everything I didn't want moving around, in place so that I wasn't constantly adjusting during my run. Because of the tank's compression ability, it is actually made to reduce muscle fatigue and support your core as you workout: mission accomplished!

Again, not me, but it shows the top band!

The Power Cardio Pants are by far the nicest workout pants I have every had! I will definitely be getting more styles. They are very supportive and stretchy, and wick away moisture as you workout! They are a little bit low rise and fit great, there is no bulging or bagging anywhere, which is perfect! The last thing I want to worry about when I am out is whether or not my pants are sagging! They have a thick top band also which hides a ROOMY inside pocket, another surprise! I need all the pockets and compartments I can get, I have a tendency to lug things around with me when I run. The whole outfit allows me all the pockets and hiding places I need!! A Plus for the Power Cardio Pants!

Thank you Lucy!! You have made my fall training fashionable!!

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