Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fit this: Crossfit Minneapolis

When I first heard of Crossfit, I was searching you tube for pull ups. I had just bought a sweet pull up bar and was anxious to get an idea of proper form and inspiration of other tough chic doing pull-ups! What I found was a video of a Kipling pull up.

I actually posted to facebook asking what was up with the form? She is swinging all over, that can't be GOOD for a person, right? A high school friend replied informing me that they use these kinds of movements in Crossfit, so I went to their main website here. What I saw was not for the faint of heart, I am a runner mostly and although I love to lift weights and push my intensity as much as the next gal, I wasn't about to do the moves I saw there.

Over the next few weeks I couldn't stop thinking about it! I would visit the main site, show friends and co-workers the outlandish pictures of girls, petite, round, tall, thin, old, young doing these intense workouts! So I found my closest Crossfit gym, Cross Fit Minneapolis.

I came in for a consultation and was met by Tyler Quinn the owner and trainer. When we sat down he asked me about my fitness background and then asked me if I had any goals. We talked about where I am and what I am trying to do...poor Tyler, he got an earful and a true taste of talkative Mary!! It was five minutes into my goals rant when I realized he meant FITNESS GOALS! It's all part of my charm.

This is Tyler in all his Crossfit Glory! YOU too can do pullups like this!
visit OR to find a gym near you!

Tyler explained the Crossfit phillosophy to me about complete fitness, I was enthralled. Here is
a little outline of how he explained what crossfit is about:

CrossFit is a program designed around constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high-intensity.

The reason for our variance in daily workouts ties directly to our goals at CrossFit: prepare the athlete for whatever, whenever.

Functional movement are embraced due to their organic nature – that is, we were designed to execute them. They are safe, natural, and carry worth outside of the gym.

The desire to execute our workouts with intensity is where the magic happens. By ratcheting up the intensity, relative to one’s ability, we’ve found an exponential increase in power output, and overall efficacy.

Here is what I really jived with: their focus on functional movements: focusing on the core of our bodies where the power of most of our movements come from. Their philosophy that the varied movements done with intensity will elicit power. What else does an athlete search for, but the power to: go faster, longer, higher swifter all while feeling strong and able.

I was on board!!

I went through the rest of my consultation and a minor version of a regular WOD or workout of the day. It was a kind and gentle introduction, but the next week I dropped in for a regular class And THAT was a different story... and I will tell you all about the CLASS--tomorrow!

Remember: variation, function and intensity!!
A grad philosophy for fitness and LIFE!
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