Monday, August 31, 2009

Crossfit: Classing up the joint!

My first Cross fit class was actually one week after my consultation. Tonight I am going back for more and to officially join up and see if I can improve my overall fitness!

I was nervous for the class, because I knew it was going to be challenging and that in a group setting, I would feel the pressure to really give it my all. There is a huge difference between pushing yourself alone and pushing yourself in a group setting. Many of crossfit's workouts are for time, so that in the future you can track improvement, but it yields itself to a very competitive feel.

This was the WOD or workout of the day for the first Class:

Five Rounds for Time:
30 Walking or stationary over head lunges (45lb. men/33lb women.)
Knees to Elbows

It was VERY hard. Does anyone remember my post on lunges and how much I used to hate them?? This very nearly renewed that hatred. I am used to doing weighted squats and lunges with the bar resting on my shoulders, I was not prepared for how difficult a weighted over head lunge would be. Check them out here. I did the first two rounds with the recommended weight and then switched to an 8lb. PVC pipe to keep the form of the movement. The fifth round I switched back to the weighted bar, despite my legs protest.

Here is the amazing class that competed the workout with me!

The knees to elbows was very challenging as well, as it was done hanging from a pullup bar. Many of the moves in CF are similar to moves in gymnastics where it is a full body move. The knees to elbows involved some swinging, not simply a static hang and pull or lifting the legs. The key is to make it a functional move, so executing it with a form that helps you do it, and dials into the functionality is key.

Functional movements such as the squat, the dead-lift, the clean, the thruster, and the pull-up are unparalleled in their ability to elicit power. But, the desire to execute our workouts with intensity is where the magic happens. By ratcheting up the intensity, relative to one’s ability, we’ve found an exponential increase in power output, and overall efficacy.

I made it through with a time of 19:36. Whew. I could even bike home afterwards, but the next few days were rough... but I was hooked.

100 KTE will do this to a man's hands and his soul!

Click HERE to check out all of the CrossFit exercises and demonstrations of proper form!! And be sure and visit to see read more about what the gym is doing, class schedules and Tyler's philosophy. Also, come in for a free consultation and see how CrossFit Minneapolis can take you to the next level in your fitness goals!

After my first WOD, I was red in the face and pumped!!

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