Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday night fun--and run!

I did NOT want to run tonight, but had a 35 min tempo run on my training schedule...I put it off and put it off. Finally I broke down and went and I am glad I did. It was a good run and it gave me an excuse to go to The Wedge Co-op afterwards and buy some

To make myself feel better about running, I broke out my new socks from Target. They are not super amazing sports socks that will take your pulse or split your miles, but they sure make me feel fly and fast!

To up my motivation, I decided to take a picture before the run I was procrastinating over. I napped, ate, watched some bad TV and took pics of the kitties, caught up on my blog reading and all in the name of putting off the run!

Here are the cats. You can see their contempt for my laziness. It was their judgmental looks that finally scooted me out the door. But I am glad they did--I love running even when I don't want to do it! I got to clear my head and think about my week and I felt so good when I was done!

Thanks boys! Happy Friday!!

Fitness Bucket List!

So after reading Angela's Fitness Bucket list on her beautiful website Oh, she glows I decided I should write one of my own!! It's a great idea, a way to get those goals out of your head and on to paper.

I have read if you write down a goal you are 80% more likely to achieve it!!

Even if you never see it, look at it or read it again, you up your success rate by writing it down. Last year, I wrote down a huge list of goals: physical, financial, spiritual etc...and put them face down on my fridge with a magnet. I nearly forgot they were there, other papers and items covered them and I looked past them for months. Cleaning off my fridge a while later I took the paper down, turned it over and was able to cross off more than half of what I had written, some of which I didn't even remember wanting, but achieved or got!

It works!!

So...what do YOU want to do?

Half marathon (Oct 09)
Climb a mountain outdoors or try Ice Climbing
Do yoga on the beach in some place tropical
Tri a triathlon...eek!
Learn a martial art--kick a board in half, yo!
Attend surf camp in Costa Rica
Have a dog, take it for runs!
Be a trainer and coach to help others.
Do a destination marathon
Run with my children someday
Become a parkour queen, or at least try!
Canoe the BWCA (on weekends)
Run, lift, bike, dance, spin and be active till I'm 98...then rest.

Leave a comment, let me know YOUR fitness bucket list!

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