Thursday, September 10, 2009

Metabolism made easy

Metabolism gets a bad rap.

It gets blamed for our lack of results, it gets put down when it won't comply, it gets jerked around by our habits and schedules and messes with us back, just because it can.

But really metabolism is the stuff life is made of, literally! Energy, growth, the transferring of matter into movement. Anabolism is the process of cell growth and repair of metabolism. Catabolism is the process where complex substances are broken down to simpler states to be used for energy in our cells. Together these 2 processes distribute nutrients to our cells from our food.

We have some control over these processes. The rate at which our body uses energy to perform those two processes can be altered by what we eat and what we do. If we alter it correctly, we can boost our metabolism and in turn boost our energy and rate at which we burn calories and lose weight.

EAT often! When we wake up, we have been with out food and fuel for eight hours and this has slowed our metabolism. Eating breakfast is essential to get your body's system back on track! If you don't eat breakfast, your metabolism will continue to decline and your cells will react to this. They will start to store more fat when you deprive your body of nutrients. The longer you go without snacks or meals the worse it is because your body will feel like it is starving. SO eat away! Snack and eat up to six small meals a day to keep your body processing the nutrients and converting that nutrient rich food to energy!

Exercise! When you exercise you increase muscle mass and reduce body fat. Aerobic exercise that uses oxygen to perform the activities will keep your metabolism up 4-8 hours after you are done working out and those are 4-8 hours of extra calorie burning while you take in that movie or nap! Free calorie burning!

When you strength train or lift weights, you are not boosting your metabolism but you are trading your fat for lean muscle mass which muscle burns more calories even in a resting state. So the work you are doing when you walk, lift or tone will change the state of your body so you will be burning more all the time!!

Eating right foods! The food we eat can help or hinder our natural body functions. Eating lean protein, foods high in fiber and fruit & veggies have been shown to boost your metabolism most. When your body needs fuel it will break down Carbohydrates first, fat and then protein. The carbs are converted into glucose which is easily used by your body for fuel. If you are eating to boost your metabolism then any carbs that are stored as fat and regular fat stores will be used when you exercise.

These are all things that we do anyway, so tweak your routine a bit and don't let metabolism get the best of you! Use what you can to your advantage and don't let this body process push you around!!

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