Saturday, September 12, 2009

Take it easy...

Have you ever known people who are uptight? They maybe get impatient over little things. Maybe they are too easily annoyed at people who are doing their best or OR in situations that are not a big deal, they need something to fuss about or complain about.

No one likes to be around people who are so uptight. You can practically FEEL the tension in the room go up when they start to make a big deal about something. Maybe your embarassed by the way they treated someone: a server, a delivery person, a customer service associate. Or maybe your just tired of being in the line of fire every time they are uptight.

Being uptight is not just trying for those around you, but it is bad for your health!! No one likes to be around someone who makes mountains out of mole hills because they need to control a situation, but worse yet is what they are doing to themselves.

First, they are simply causing themselves undo stress. Someone who gets worked up over little things every time a little thing arises, will spend their whole day getting their feathers ruffled! They are expending unnecessary energy (usually negative) reacting that way, rather than taking a deep breath and letting go of the situation. Getting worked up and stressed out can cause a lot of physical issues! It can affect your heart, muscles, skin and stomach only to name a few. Make sure you monitor your stress levels and symptoms of stress in your life. If you need to, take action, find other ways to expend your engery and don't let your stress get the best of you!

Second, people who are uptight can be overly critical of others. This is very tedious--being over critical means you are in a constant state of worry and evaluation over others and their actions and behaviors.

We can let this go! It isn't our job or our place to be critical of people in our lives. Many times critical people are perfectionists, but perfection is a myth!! Especially when we impose it on others. We can't control people and if we spend our life trying and being critical of those who fall short we will miss all the imperfections there is to enjoy!! Exercise, write, get a massage and find other ways to release the tension you feel before you take it out on others. Lighten up and let go...

Sometimes people who are uptight have a very clear spirit of offense. Meaning they are too easily offended and when a situation comes up where they can be offended, they WILL. This is not only a negative position to have, but it is a symptom of a deeper problem: it is an issue of pride.

Comments can be misinterpreted as blame or finger pointing, and people place the focus on themselves. Everyone should first try and put themselves in the other persons shoes, try and reinterpret the situation to see if anyone jumped to conclusions. To put it bluntly: it's not always about you, it's not always about ME. I need people to remind me of that some days! Check your pride at the door will make for a much smoother ride!

Remember to take it easy in life! If you are finding yourself uptight, stressed, critical or getting too offended, stop and assess what is really going on. Maybe there is a situation in your own life you can't control so you are outsourcing that. Maybe your self esteem has suffered and your pride is too easily wounded or you lash out at others in the form of criticism because of your past hurts. Remember, being healthy is about your whole person: spirit, soul and body! Finding freedom from some of these mind sets can be the healthiest thing that you can do!

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