Friday, September 18, 2009

Run, walk, whatever...!

Hello out there!! I wanted to quickly say hello to my new followers and those who have filtered over here from Twitter ! I appreciate your interest in my blog! Hope you enjoy!

Since I was off the running path for a week and a half, one of the runs that I was registered to do, became my first 5K walk!!

It was the James Page Blubber Run (or walk, or whatever)! It's an authentic 5K beer run and even though I practice sobriety, I still had a beer at the end...a James Page root beer! It was a fun run, so there were no official times, but it was officially a great time as everyone was dressed up and really enjoying themselves! We received a tee shirt, finishers medal, 2 beverages, a BBQ lunch and live music afterwards. Here are a few of the highlights:

Dorothy and the tin man with their little dogs: the witch and cowardly lion. Precious!

I'm tired and need a ride, STAT!

Me and Jenna before we start! She ran and I met up after for the BBQ!

A beautiful bridge in Nordeast Mpls, no railing though...eek!

This was the "water"stop at mile could exchange your two drink tickets here for something stronger! That's one busy water stop!

Crossing the Stone arch bridge from NE to beautiful downtown Mpls.
You can just barley see the Mill City museum ruins on the left!

Next year I will be taking part in the run, walk, whatever again! It was so much fun and so cool! Happy running, no matter what your race or your pace!

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