Saturday, September 19, 2009

Late Night Poetry

meteor shower

it was 6am when the stars stopped falling

but we had just begun, coming home

to the hibernating house in the bluffs

shuffling back in our winter wear

wine ruled our veins.

Spilling from the sky we sparkle and collide

milky downy kisses as we try to hide

deep in the quilted cave we hear

church bells chasing the twilight away.

30 Day Shred

I am a fan of Jillian Michaels. Ever since I saw her on the fourth season of the biggest loser, greeting the black team on her motorcyle and in her leather jacket, I knew she was my kind of trainer. Her sass and her candor, her hair and her never give up attitude, her abs-- I love it all! But I also love her absoulte dedication to the people she is training. She isn't afraid to be her self and she isn't afraid to push people to their limit and challenge them to find their true potential as well.

After much commotion in the blogging world about how amazing her 30 day shred video is, I ordered one and gave it a try. I have done some workout videos in my day: The Firm, Rodney Yee Gaiam yoga, nothing that was overly challenging. That being the case, I didn't really know what to expect when I bought the 30 day shred. Maybe I should have been more prepared based on the fact that it was being called a shred, not just a challenge or a workout....a shred.

I was suprised by a few things in the video and plesantly so. First of all, she was her straightforward adorable self encouraging me to kick my own butt and reminding me that I have to work hard to see results. Word, I need that Jillian! Just because your in your living room and just because your doing a video doesn't mean you should merely coast through. You get out what you put in. Kick it up all by your bad self.

Second she did something that I really had never done or even heard of before and that was to combine cardio and strength training to burn maximum calories. I have always been very seperate about my cardio and strength but never intentionally. I run on my runs and lift on my strength days and hadn't thought to combine the two. Still, the concept in the 30 Day Shred is basic interval training which will increase your metabolic rate. (meta who-what?) Read here to learn more about it. Essentially:

Building muscle speeds up metabolism because the body has to work harder to maintain muscle. Specifically, a combination of circuit weight training and high intensity interval cardio will get your metabolism "revved up."

Jillian gets our heart rates up and pumping and then switches to strength training with weights or just body weight. It keeps our bodys dialed in and working aerobically and anaerobically by combining activities which require a lot of oxygen intake with shorter more intense activities that require little to no oxygen to perform.

During the strength training part of the workout you are using energy stored in your muscles for the short bursts of activity. During the recovery or cardio part moments later, your heart and lungs work together bringing oxygen back to the muscles you just depleted of energy. The oxygen turns stored carbs back into energy, only to turn around and deplete them again in the next set.

This building and depleting cycle that I very simply outlined equipts your body for better oxygen intake, increased performance and endurance. In short, it will totally kick your butt.

The 30 day shred is not for the faint of heart. I am only on the first segment and am looking forward to 20 more days of being shredded. The reward? I will post before and after pics to see if there is a difference, but untill then, having Jillian yell at me for 20 min a day is a pretty sweet reward.

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