Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wedge Wednesdays: Indonesian Salad with Peanut Sauce

Once again, I have made another fabulous recipe from Jennette Turner and her work for the Wedge Co-op in creating easy dinners!! This one is ESPECIALLY Good!! It is an Indonesian Salad with Peanut Sauce.

Since this was one that Jennette sent me to try (and one of a few sample meals at her website ). SO, I am not going to type out all the ingredients and instruction as it is all listed below. Click to enlarge the recipe and it is the perfect printing size!!

For starters, I browned my chicken using my Misto gourmet oil sprayer which I LOVE! My mother bought it for me as a gift last year and I use it everyday.

It sprays a light even amount of olive oil (or your choice of oil) on your pan, salad, baking dish, what ever ya got. It uses regular olive oil, nothing fancy or expensive and you just put it in, give it a few pumps and spray.

Here are all the ingredients for the salad set up! Looks nice and green! The recipe makes four servings and I made the full lot, even though I am one single gal! I only used dressing on my portion for the night and put the rest of this, dry, into a ziploc. Voila! Salad all week!

Instead of roasted peanuts, I used roasted cashews. I have been on a cashew kick lately and I LOVE them. I have been putting them in everything and even dumping them on my apple sauce or the Haagen Dazs Five if I splurge!

I LOVED chopping and tossing and prepping the salad, but the REAL fun came with the dressing. The closest I have ever come to making my own dressing was a Raspberry Lime and oil mixture I threw in a bottle and shook up. It was good, but little to no culinary effort. This was something I felt that I could be proud of!

(The measurements are not accurate in the picture, there were 4 tablespoons of Peanut Butter and the garlic was minced etc.)

The brownish granular stuff is the Sucant, a dry unprocessed granular sugar cane product made from concentrating, evaporating, and drying sugar cane juice. It was very good!

When I walked into The Wedge, it was the only item I didn't even recognize, luckily I got sucked into the bulk foods for some dried fruit and there it was!! I can't wait to experiment with it more!

Vintage hand juicer cameo!! Only because I love my vintage kitchen items so...

This is the finished dressing, I just mixed it into the glass bottom of the juicer for easy storage! It was SO tasty! And there was more than enough for all 4 servings, believe me!

To deviate from the recipe a bit and for a dash of spice in my life (or sweet in my life) I sprinkled a little coconut on top of the salad. I had tiny shavings, but when I was at the store, saw large curly shavings that I can imaging would be even better on the top of it! I was a nice touch and I felt, again all culinary and stuff.

Finished product! I devoured the salad!! A few of my favorite parts were the aromatic blend of the cilantro and fresh mint. I never use fresh mint and vow now, to find reasons to. The salad was so fresh and just the right blend of sweet and tangy! I LOVE garlic too and the strong minced garlic in the dressing was perfect in combination with the sweet and fresh of the greens.

It took me a little while to prepare everything, being (did I mention?) a single gal, but something like this would make a great date night in for a couple to do! Spend sometime chopping and chatting away and it would go much faster than with just lil ole me feeling very Julia-esque.

Speaking of...have you seen Julie & Julia yet?

I have not and am desperately hoping for some handsome man who loves coffee and chic flicks to take me, maybe this weekend? I wonder if there are any to be found on a sweet giveaway somewhere...

recipe Copyright © 2000-2009 Jennette Turner
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