Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Why I work out #2

Why I workout:

  • To do better, feel better and look better than yesterday.
  • So that I will never have to wonder if I stopped working out cuz I got old or if I got old cuz I stopped working out.
  • I have to, unless I want to buy a whole new wardrobe.
  • Because I declare that I will NEVER have heart problems or cardiovascular problems from not.
  • Because I like the way it makes my legs look and on that same note...
  • It keeps my tattoo's the size they were when I got them!
  • Because I am capable of more than I can even Imagine...and once I imagine that then the bar moves higher!
  • Because I am called to run the race that is set before me, not sit my way through life.
  • I am fluid with mind like water and water flows...constant movement.
  • Because it is in me to better myself!

Happy National Coffee Day!

I love it! Today is National Coffee day! Shouldn't we be off work, sitting at a sidewalk cafe, in scarfs and fingerless gloves talking Kafka or Camus? Sipping our frothy drink of choice?

*Le sigh* Apparently not, but here is my little ode to the day--coffee it's how I roll!

AND here is a coupon for a free drink from Dunn Brothers! Click here to get your Free Cup-o-Joe!

Did you know?

Coffee 30 min before your workout can give you a boost!
Coffee before a workout may reduce muscle pain after.
Coffee may reduce your risk for diabetes.
Coffee can lift your mood and help headaches!

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