Saturday, October 3, 2009

Guest Post: One decision at a time…

Today I am welcoming Jen from Prior Fat Girl to be my guest blogger. Over the past summer when I started blogging and reading her, she has shown to be an inspiration. Daily she is an example of strength, honesty and grace!! If you don't read her, you should. Here, she comes out as my inner Jillian Michaels. Enjoy!

No one ever climbed Mount Everest by just waking up one day and climbing to the top.

No one ever received their college education by just walking through commencement.

No one ever drove across country without a plan & supplies.

So why would you expect a healthiness journey to be anything less?

Lemme tell you a little something something about losing weight and being healthy – you will never “get there” or “figure it out” or want to “eat healthy” all the time. This is a lifelong journey. Sorry – I got to be honest with you. If you are struggling right now, there is no magic thing you can read on anyone’s blog that will give you the slap in the face you unless you are ready for one thing…


One decision at a time! Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT beat yourself up if you make an unhealthy decision. Just take it one decision at a time. If you started your morning off with an unhealthy breakfast sandwich from a fast food restaurant, you have two options. You can either allow it to give you an excuse to eat like crap for the entire day or you can suck it up and make the next decision healthier. Some days will be better then others. It’s okay – as long as you are honest with yourself. Each decision is a new decision to start over. There is no tomorrow. There is no Monday. There is no new year’s resolution. This is your life!!!

This isn’t a diet. Forever and ever you will have to continue to make healthy decisions even when you don’t want to. The minute you start whining and complaining about how you’re a busy mom or about how your in school or you have errands to run is the minute you are doing just that: WHINING!!

Leading a healthy life takes work. Temptations are at every corner. Temptations are at ever holiday get together. They are at every family event, sporting event, heck, they are probably in your fridge right now. Only you can stand up for yourself. I promise no one else cares if you eat a cheeseburger. Nope, they don’t. The person you go out to eat with could care less if you get a salad or a bowl of pasta. YOU have to make the decisions for YOURSELF.

I know it’s hard. It sucks. You will cry and scream and stomp your feet. And you deserve to do just that…as long as you follow it up with a healthy decision. Cry and scream and stomp your feet to the gym. You can do this, I know you can – it’s tough but it’s worth it, I promise! Just take one decision at a time.

Jen, a priorfatgirl started on her journey in August of 2007. For two years she fought, kicked and cried her way through losing 90+lbs. She was well on her way to hitting an official 100lbs lost by August 1st, 2009 which was Jen’s 2 year anniversary. She was planning a big 'ol celebration on her blog... until her life changed the evening before my final weigh-in. (Click here for more info).

Join Jen, a priorfatgirl now, as she reevaluate her priorities, struggle to find out what "healthy" is while dealing with an emotional trauma, and continue to learn how to live a healthy life, no sugar coating included.

Thank you Jen! What a great post!! What will your new decision be today?

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