Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Target Health and Fitness Expo Recap

This past weekend I went to the Target Health and Fitness Expo, in conjunction with the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon. I did not compete in the run, but knew people who did!

Big congrats to Mike Weldon, Kim Seibold, Jessica McGinn, Kate Durkin and
Tim Schumann (who ran the TC 10miler)

I was SO excited to be at the expo and didn't need more energy, but started out with a great big cup of happy anyway!!

My friend Jason and I ready to shop and check out the booths!
Sample Saturday here we come!

First thing I HAD to do was go and hear Hal Higdon speak!! I didn't realize who they had as guest speakers untill the morning of and we hustled to get there to catch what Hal had to say. It was really interesting and inspiring and if he can run 111 marathons then I feel like I can get through my half marathon in October!

I felt like a pretty big nerd when I told him how much I was enjoying his training program and that I never felt that speed work was for me or showed the results I wanted till I started going through his training. I really liked also how he stresses
not to double up if you miss a day running and that if you need to shift the days around, it is totally ok. Go Hal!

I was so overwhelmed by all the GREAT products and booths that we had to create a game plan to get through, it took about 3 hours, just about the time it took some people to run their big race the next day! I found a lot of great new products and saw some product booths that I already use or had at least heard of. At one race booth, they were giving out coupons for 15$ off of a race ID--that made it less than 7$ even with shipping, so I went online and bought a sweet pink version:

I can't wait to get it in the mail and wear it out running!! The quote on it is one of my favorite verses from Hebrews 12:1 which says: "Let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with endurance the race marked out for us." I LOVE how we are called to RUN the race that has already been marked out for us.

We all know the difference between walking, jogging and running and this shows that God knows our potential and if he thinks we can RUN, then that's what we should do in life! He wouldn't tell us to do something we weren't able to. I think it crosses over to fitness too!

I also got to see Dr. Mike from Unpeeled Kombucha!! We grabbed some samples to go and took some pics with Mike and the best Kombucha ever-- I just wish the bottles were bigger!

Dr. Mike Johnson, creator of Unpeeled

I was very excited to run into a huge display of Smart Wool Socks.
After talking with the sales people, I don't know how I have been running in MN winters without these!! From smartwool.com:

SmartWool wicks and evaporates moisture far better than any fiber – synthetic or cotton. The fiber is made up of 90% keratin, a very resilient protein which is resistant to chemical and bacterial attack.
SmartWool is a hollow core fiber with microscopic air pockets that wick, absorb and evaporate moisture in a vapor state as well as insulate against extreme heat and cold. These properties allow SmartWool to use your body heat to convert moisture into vapor, and allow the vapor to evaporate in the air.

I wore them on my long and wet run on Monday and they worked amazingly to help keep my feet dry and happy! I am very glad I invested in some smart wool and I am sure I will be getting more! Fitzgerald thought the smartwool socks were his new girlfriend I think. He LOVED them.

Every girl needs a sweet sweatband for that keeps her ears warm and touts her speed!! This is exactly what I found in this from One More Mile clothing!! And for 10$ I should have bought another! And this is only half true anyway...I'll let you decide which half. :)

I already put it to good use!
I will post more at the end of the week about the rest of the Expo and will even have some surprises for you!! It was so much fun, I should be sure and go to expo's more often!

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