Saturday, October 10, 2009

Let the weak say I am strong: Affirmations for self

This week was a bit of a discouraging one for me and I let it affect my fitness! I always feel bummed out when I am too busy to get a workout in or don't make it a priority, but when I have had a discouraging week, it's even worse because those are the weeks and days when I need it most. The stress release, the endorphins as a mood booster and time away from the world for me to retreat into my brain and sort things all out.

I was reading last night before bed and was struck with the importance of words, our words, the words we say over and over in our head and the words we say out loud. So many people don't realize how much impact they can have. I don't mean the cruel or kind things we say to others, I mean the words we speak about ourselves.

Think about this: a bit in a horses mouth can turn his whole body! Such a big animal, such a small tool. And huge sailing ships, driven by strong winds, winds that are fierce forces of nature are turned where ever the captain wants with the helm-- the steering wheel.

The tongue is the same way--a tiny part of our body with more power than our quads, back, lats and shoulders put together!! Our words make a difference. Where will you direct your self today? Where will you steer yourself with the power of your words?

I want to be kind and speak as kind to strangers as I can. But I also want to speak kind to myself. I want to be encouraging to myself and say positive things. A discouraging week is just another chance to practice this. Will I complain, will I argue, will I gossip or speak bad or will I focus on myself and my own words and build myself up? I work very hard to have it be the second part:

I have energy
I have hope
I have a future
I am happy
I am creative
I am a success
I am unique
I am strong
I am joyful
I can run

Even when I am discouraged, I WILL say these things--half the battle is in our words! Speak up and stand up for yourself. If you feel weak, sad, even tired, hopeless or BLAH...stand up and say that you are STRONG!

Running Tunes that I love today: my workout playlist

There is no other playlist on my ipod that I love more than my standard Workout1 that I created last year!!
It has a little of everything: Elvis to the Cure to Paula Abdul and Public Enemy, with a little Angry Ani and a little Brittany!

A lot of these are songs that REALLY pump me up and get me happy and excited so they are staples. Looking at it though there are not too many 80's hits or hair bands on there. Since I am stuck in the past and those are much of what I enjoy, I am a little sad to not see any Journey, Heart or Poison.

Well, regardless, I am on the hunt for half-marathon tunes for my upcoming race!! Send me suggestions if you have any!

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