Monday, October 12, 2009

Single Serving: Ex and the city?

I have been compared to Carrie Bradshaw before: I use my oven for storage, a writer in the city, a single girl searching for her true love, a little too needy, at times fashion challenged.

And, like Carrie, not all the men I have dated have been a total wash, my current ex (is that how you say it?) is a good friend of mine and has become, I believe: a running partner.

When we were together I would ALWAYS ask him to run with me, to go to the gym, to try Body Pump and he really had no appetite for it. He is lucky too, because he is tall and slender and LOOKS like he works out. I would shove off frustrated and annoyed because it was something I wanted us to share.

For a while now, we have been running together every now and again and I have concluded he is a good running partner for me! We have a nice, similar pace, we talk, and to my surprise we have EACH been asking the other to go for a run.

Part of me thinks "Sure, NOW he wants to do this with me, NOW he wants to run." But why not now? We like each other as people, we laugh, our expectations are lower being nearly 6 months post-break-up and our relationship is more casual. Since tossing the romantic investment we can just...relax and enjoy.

Realistically speaking how long can something like that last till another significant other comes on the scene and wants to join up & form some kind of Ex and the city running club? I have never been in this situation before, but really I have never wanted to be friends with an ex before.

I am sure, eventually one of us will get involved with someone else and the running partnership will be put on the table...would we just write each other off when that new/right/wonderful relationship comes along? It makes me a little sad, but I guess I will just run that leg of the journey when I get there.

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Half marathon Training at the lakes

I am less than one month away from my first half marathon!! I can't believe it--I am so excited!

I am following the training program below, but have a tendency to miss one day during the week. The three most important runs are taken care of though: tempo, speed and long run. I am making it a priority also to get that strength training in! If you need a good runners workout, try this one at home.

Hal Higdon Half Marathon Novice training
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The race is around three of the Lakes in South Minneapolis that I already run, and if I didn't have a sweet costume planned for the Halloween Run, I would rock my new wicking tee:

"I heart the lakes : Isles, Calhoun, Harriet, Nokomis, Run Minneapolis"

The lakes are 9.33 around the distance of all three and it is easy enough to add a few more miles on as my long runs increase, even so the 9 mile running loop is fairly close to what the race course is!

October running wear in MN

The chain of Lakes

Here are a few things I am doing to prepare for the the big race :

1) Stretching and foam rolling: I am trying to assure that my body, muscles and joints will be as ready as possible. Part of doing that is trying to increase my flexibility and my capability to recover from the long runs. Introducing more yoga into my cross training time increases flexibility. And a structured cool down and stretching routine after each run will help with each recovery. The Foam rolling is new to me, but will help with easing pain in your muscles and reduce future pain and injury. In short it is a form of self massage!

2) Testing my food and energy packs: Usually I don't eat or drink anything for 6 miles or less, but when I am getting into the 9-10-11 milage range it is vital for me to be replenishing my energy! You should be aiming for 100-200 calories an hour on your longer runs. But be sure that your body is used to the food, drinks and gels you are using!! Always test run your goods during your training so you can predict what your body will need and how it will react.

3) Getting my brain in the game: During my last long run, my legs were not the problem. In fact, my legs were clicking along at a 9:15 pace for most of my long run, it was my brain that was working overtime. Your body may be prepared to go that far and run for that long, but I was almost unable to handle the thought of running for an hour and a half. SO, change your thinking: 3 times around the lake, my 3 favorite playlists, or even thinking the miles vs. time helped me. Sometimes training programs will ask us to run a specific time and that is just to help us mentally prepare for the possibility of running for that long. Find your own way to break it up and make it feel more manageable! I am creating 4 playlists to get me through...

4) Getting my support on: Invite friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, clergy and cleaning ladies out to see you. Who ever you've got? Ask them to come and cheer you on...send them an evite with the date and time or what mile your group will be camped out at. Parking info, where to meet up are all ways you can help your friends prepare to come and support you and that will be a big part of your race day.

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