Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Fall Runs

Much like Tall Mom on the Run posts seasonal pics of her running, this is the second installment of my seasonal run posts. The first: My Summer Runs is here. I am getting more and more excited for the holidays, but not SO much for the running outside.

At its coldest, Mn can get to anywhere from 20-50 below, with wind-chill factor. I don't much like running outside at 10F or lower, and especially around the lakes where there is always ice on the paths and a very frigid wind off the water. Often I will take it inside to the treadmill, but have been running father distances this year and am really dreading doing more than 5 miles inside while watching Wheel of Fortune and Entertainment Tonight. But I am also going to invest in more hardcore winter gear. But you will have to wait a few months for that post.

On to my fall run!!

Leaving my place: Fall = snowfall sometimes. Le Sigh.

The street I always take down to the lake. Are you a creature of habit like I am?

Start of mile 2!

As always, stopping to take a Pic of Downtown Minneapolis, I LOVE the blue sky peeking through for me today. Thanks sky-your the top!

Chilly when I stopped! Eek--must run!

Another view from between the trees! I love how my urban life is so green!!

I am ALWAYS going against the flow-literally!!
I run the wrong way on the bike trail every time so I can keep my milage the same.

Green leaves on the ground.

True fall colors in the beautiful Kenwood Neighborhood!!

Happy trails till the "My winter run" post! (Winter here is so long, I could have at least 3...maybe I will!)

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