Sunday, October 18, 2009

Running skirt Sunday

It's 57 degrees yo!!

So... I took my new running skirt for a twirl around the lakes!

The cool people over at Zensah sent me one of their running skirts, with seamless compression shorts underneath! I was really anxious to try it, but with our weather so cold, I didn't think I would get to. Hurray for a real fall day!!

The Zensah running skirt is not your typical pink running skirt. It has a built in lycra compression short which means no thigh bunching, and a non-elastic waist band eliminates chafing. Zensah Fabric, a proprietary fabric, wicks away moisture, fights bacteria and odor.

The skirt is made of micro-fiber, so it is light weight and very stretchy--a plus for running, but it is a bit snugish so let me say: choose carefully what you wear underneath!! I was excited for the "compression" shorts, but in reality, they rode up my legs just like any spandex or lycra running short will do! I was a little bummed at this, I was hoping they would hug my thighs the whole run, but oh well, at least I had the stylish skirt to cover the riding shorts--usually I just let them ride and off I go!

I decided to run 2 lakes and then buzz up to the grocery store to get some staples and a PUMPKIN on this beautiful fall day!! I also decided to rock some Minnesota RollerGirl wear since last night was their first preseason game and they SCHOOLED Carolina RollerGirls 105-69!! It felt weird to not be playing and weirder yet not to be there. Way to go MNRG, I heart you tons and tons!

Compression shorts and MNRG tee

My skate name=Mary Tyler Roar, so MTR is what the girls call me
and MTR me ASAP is a play on the ole' PBR slogan.

I ran from my house, around Isles and Calhoun and then to the store for my pumpkin!! It was about a 6.5 or 7 mile run and then about a mile walk home with pumpkin, squash and other groceries in tow!

It was a perfect day for the run and the cool down walk, I always like to walk after running anyway even if it is only around the block. It eases me into stretching and stopping and it's good for your endurance to move in active rest and not just stop your activity cold.

Happy Sunday! I have one more day in my long weekend and have lots of great things to accomplish and enjoy! I know it will be another beautiful day! Watch tomorrow for the first installment in my weight loss story too!! Juicy!

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