Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Enlyten Strips: And the Winners are...

And the Winners are....

Missy over at Missy Maintains!
Stephanie at The Skinny Plate
And Junghwa!

Each of these three winners will receive a weeks supply of Enlyten Strips (that's 2 cassettes!) of their choice!! Please be sure and email me so we can get these sent out to you!!

A BIG THANK YOU to the readers and winners and thank you to
Ryan at Enlyten for this generous offer and giveaway!

Here I am about to take my
electrolyte strips after a fast 3.5 miles!! I love them and you guys will too!

Be You-- tiful!

Today is National Love your Body day. Women all over are embracing their bodies, just as they are: flat, round, creamy, steamy, flaws,wrinkles, paunches, puckers, dimples, pimples, freckles! The good the bad and the this is why I have a gym membership! I spent all morning thinking about what it means to LOVE your body, and here is what I came up with.

I do not LOVE my body. There are times when I feel at odds with it: it doesn't look or feel the way I want it to, it lacks the energy I need or sabotages a perfect outfit. But there are days when I really do like it also: when my hair lays just right, when my muscles carry me farther than I thought, when I find the willpower and my body follows without my asking. And I take care of it, I reward it and treat it with love and kindness: good nourishment, rest (some days more than others) and a bit of pampering now and again.

But I do not love it.
I am grateful to it.
I treat it with respect.
I will take care of it.
But I do not LOVE it.

People talk about their bodies being temples, but of what? Temples of their own skill, physique or desires. My body is a temple to the spirit that is within me! That spirit is what is going to last for eternity and what will remain long after my body has gotten old, wrinkly, tired (more tired) and returns to the dust. Loving my body will accomplish nothing because when it is gone, it will have been in vain. We should not get too attached or in love with this is fleeting and that includes our bodies in all their states: hot ones, little ones, round, tall, big boned-- you name it. It's just a house for the spirit inside me. That is where the true person is--the person I am and the person I am in Christ! We are closer to death now then we are when we die...our spirit is alive if we have Christ in us and that-- that is a reason to celebrate!

Like I said above I think we should take care of the body we have, we are asked to take care of it and be good tenants!!

So eat right, exercise, rest and do all the great stuff we do to show gratitude and respect to our tired eyes, pretty face and hard working legs and arms. Embrace Fat Talk Free Week and encourage each other to think positive, be well and have a good self image. These are ways we can be good to our body AND our soul. As for me, I have other things to love and cherish that will be around for a lot longer than this body, no matter how fit it gets.

Moving with Purpose

At a group fitness class once, the instructor was watching me and came over while I was doing lunges. He told me that I wasn't focusing on the exercise--I was like "Are you serious??" We were doing a ton of weighted over head lunges and he saw that I was losing my balance a bit. He called me out on my focus. I wasn't dailed in he said, I wasn't digging in deep to the exercise. He was 100% right. I was thinking about the pain in my legs, about the other people in the class, about dinner. I was not moving through the lunges with purpose, I was just getting them done and not very well.

How do we move with purpose not only in your workouts, but in life? To really walk, run or work with your focus solid and with true purpose?

Always have a goal in mind: Many of us have dreams or goals that are far away and feel like dreams! This is good, but in order to reach these, we have to have smaller, more actionable goals. If my overall goal is to eat healthy, a few smaller more actionable steps may be: take a cooking class, plan my meals, always shop with a list. These will help bring you closer to your big goal.

Be in the moment: There is so much to stimulate us in this world that it can be easy to lose focus. I am guilty of it, I leave one thing to do another or have so much on my mind that I don't know where to begin. So, pick one thing to do and focus on it. Feel what you are doing right then: the way your hands hold the barbell, feel the power in your legs when you move. Focus on the details of what you're doing and be there only.

Don't be busy for the sake of being busy: You can spend your whole life on committees, working hard, running from one event and cause to the next. But do they have meaning to you? Or are you just busy with being busy. Pick one or two things you have true passion for and invest in those. There are things in this world that will last longer than the dust and sun and those are what we should invest in and do.

Stop, assess, re-center, move: Take some time every now and again to see if you have gotten off track. Maybe you are caught up in a really good thing, but when you assess the situation, you see that it isn't leading you to your goals. At that point you need to assess whether or not your goals have changed or if you need to alter your steps and get back to your own purpose. Then, move forward.

Be true to who you are: It can be a HARD thing to do, it took me many years. But learn who you are, learn how you work and what you need and then be true to that. If you don't, moving with purpose will seem vague and empty. If you believe in prayer, use it!! Above any person, God knows who you are, he made you--seek after him to see who you are and what you should be pursuing. Then, be true to that, to who you are and what you believe. Then you will be successful at moving with purpose through life!

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