Friday, October 23, 2009

Answering the call

Mom and I were on the town tonight at the New Life Family Services Banquet and fundraiser!! They are an organization that offers pregnancy crisis counseling, pregnancy care, abstinence education, support groups and adoption services and they are all about educating women and men on their choices!! Through practical and spiritual counsel, New Life provides education and support with the hope each client will make a life-affirming decision for their unborn child.

I am a huge advocate for life and I am so excited to be able to attend this banquet and fundraiser tonight and be able to spend time with friends and my Mom at the same time!! The speakers were wonderful tonight, all the women sharing their stories, the guest speaker author, Jon Ensor and entertainment by Michael Pearce Donley.

Here's Mom getting some cheese and fruit!

Before the speakers and after a wonderful dinner--we weren't sure
they were going to feed us--but they did!

Adam and I looking antique! So blessed to have great friends
to enjoy all the fun in life! Adam is running the Monster Dash too next weekend!


I also bid in their silent auction also and won THREE passes to ROLLER GARDEN! I skated there ALL the time with MNRG and look forward to dusting off the quads for a spin around the rink! What a great night!!

It's time to hit the trail!

I am NINE days away from the MONSTER DASH half marathon (Buwahahaha!) which I blogged about on August 15th!! WOW. How time has flown...

This weekend is my last long run and since I am home visiting, I decided to run the length of the Douglas Trail which is 12.5 miles!! It runs from PineIsland to Rochester and it was a running/biking trail that we ran on in High School Cross Country! I still know the distances out to a number of points and back. I am actually really excited because it is a beautiful trip and I have never ran the whole thing!! I will be sure and take lots of pics!

Me at 13 ON the Douglas Trail for CC pics!

My last long run!

I am prepped for the big run by taking these items with me: Cliff bar shot blocks, an orange, a lara bar, my fuel belt, my Ipod, road ID, phone and camera whew!

Before the run, I am going to start out with some PB & banana toast, a hard boiled egg and Amazing grass!
Afterwards, I am not sure yet, what I will use to refuel, but my Mom better have SOMETHING good waiting for me, that is if she remembers to come and pick me up...this ain't no round trip!

But I do plan on relaxing afterwards with a nice warm bath and some foam rolling!!

Then, next week I get to do the real thing and run my first half marathon!! I am so excited. I have always thought marathoners were maybe a bit looney--awesome, brave, inspiring, but yeah, a tad looney. But this past week, I saw the appeal.

I had a fleeting thought of running either Grandmas Marathon in Duluth or next years Twin Cities Marathon. But it flitted away as soon as it came...we will see! For now, I get to look forward to THIS as my finishing belt buckle:

How AWESOME is that!!! I am not much into skulls, I am more of a hearts and rainbows girl, but I am into belt buckles, and this is such a great one!! Early tomorrow, I hit the trail! Literally!

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