Sunday, October 25, 2009

Running Tunes I love today!

Running Tunes I love today...or Yesterday rather in ode to my fair Pine Island! Since I am ran in my home town, I compiled some of my favorite running tunes that remind me of the home of Cheese Fest and going to high school here. They sure do take me back kept me trucking on my LAST LONG RUN!

Fallen Angel, Poison
Take me with you, Prince
Life is a Highway, Tom Cochrane
Everybody, Everybody Black Box
Make you Sweat, C&C Music Factory
Welcome to the Jungle, Guns and Roses
Step by Step, NKOTB
3am Eternal, The KLF
Rhythm is a dancer, Snap
Love and Affection, Nelson Oh yeah!! Who is the cute one--Matthew or Gunar?
Informer, Snow
Jump, Kris Kross

Need Proof?

I'm on the right, totally krossed out in my bulls jersey and cross color jeans!!

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