Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I have a vision!

Have you heard of vision boards? They are basically a wonderful collage of our visions, dreams and goals to help us better visualize our direction in life. I have 2 vision boards that I have created in the last 7 years or so ( I SHOULD do more!) and they have helped me to see where I want to go and really see what is important to me.

It's a bit like art class!! First thing I do is pick one or two specific things you want to help get a better vision for. Then, get your favorite magazines, a scissors, tape, glue, markers or glitter if you're ambitious and set to work cutting out pictures, phrases, words and examples of the things that symbolize this vision for you!!

My first board was a jumbled hodgepodge of everything I wanted! Oh, and I wanted it now! Some huge goals are on this board: Romance, real men, marriage. Some goals were not as big, but were huge for me: drinking more water, eating fruits & veggies, being fit, being active and having a clean, organized home (from the inside out). Other key phrases stick out: happiness, simplicity, abundance, education.

This was the first board I did and I felt silly at first, cutting and pasting and creating this smattering of my innermost desires only to, what, hang it in my house?! But it wasn't merely the act of looking at it daily (although I did, it hung above my dresser) but it was naming my dreams and goals, giving them a visual home, that made them real for me. It made them things that I could really achieve. Looking at it daily helped also.

Here is part of the second board I created. It is actually on the backside of the first board. Here I am aiming for financial stability, stability in my home and travel!!

Obviously you can see as well that other general encouraging words and words that inspire are on there as well, but phrases like: financial wellness, save money, rock solid retirement, rethink, rebuild, renew are repeating themes. Also travel is another theme on this board. Phrases like: vacation boldly, pictures of a ship, a globe a map, and "urban chic" in front of snowy mountains.

Here is the full board. There are things on there that I have not achieved yet (like getting a VW), somethings that are on the way (Vacay to Germany shortly!) and somethings that I have found are a constant journey like being organized, running and living with confidence.

I find that when the time comes to make a new board it isn't because the old one is outdated or that I have achieved everything I so painstakingly pasted on it, but because my goals and dreams are growing and changing. The relevance of each previous board stays the same, it is if they are the stepping stones on my path!

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