Friday, October 30, 2009

Race Goals & some fun

Have I talked enough about my training for the Monster Dash half marathon?? It's tomorrow!!! I have talked about the runs I have done, my food, my music!! What I haven't talked about were my GOALS for the race. It wasn't until I swung over to Mel at Tall Mom on the Run and saw her awesome post on her goals for her half that I realized I should put mine down...on paper, er blogger.

Goal #1: Have a sweet costume

Super hero Cute Gardner

I am leaning toward Cute Gardner for a few reasons: if it rains, the hat is already part of the costume and my little signs all have messages on them! For the super hero: I look a little too jazzercise and the cape, which is YES, pink sequins, isn't working out quite like I wanted.

Goal #2: Get there on time: Get there on time and with enough time to feel prepared and ready. Period.

Goal #3: Run the whole thing: My last long run was 13 miles and I ran the whole way, save for a few quick pauses to take pictures. I know I can run the entire race and with my fuel belt, I won't even have to walk through a water stop. If I do feel like I urgently need to rest, walk or stop I will, but I would like to keep going, even if I just have to slow my pace down for a while.

Goal #4: Not compare myself with other runners: This is between me and my body and me and the clock. I want to feel good, feel strong and feel fast. You can't look at others in a race and compare yourself with them, they are entirely different people! Their shape, size, speed and ability are irrelevant to me and my challenge and success tomorrow!

Goal #4: Give it my ALL: To finish the race and really have given it my all--to be spent! I feel like often in races, I find my comfortable pace (maybe a bit challenging) and stick with that, knowing I'll have a reliable time and feel good. But I know that I can push myself and I know I can succeed at it. I can go faster and faster for longer than even I am aware.

Goal #5: to come in UNDER 2 hours: I would like to come in under 2 hours and I don't really care if it is 1:59:55 or 1:50:55. I believe this is possible. My time on my last long run was close to 2 hours, so I think it is an achievable goal! If not, I will be happy with my time and my finish.

Goal #6: Be happy no matter what the outcome! I have worked hard at my training plan, had some setbacks, went through some learning experiences and feel that the whole experience so far has been wonderful--I WILL be doing this distance race again! So no matter the outcome, if I meet a few or only one of my goals I will be happy with the outcome!

A side note on my Cute Gardner outfit: I LOVE symbolism (I'm a lit major, so sue me!) and I wanted to share the pictures of my gloves from the Gardener outfit. The tee has all sorts of inspiring messages on it and even Fit this on the back! But the gloves are special.

Since we sow and harvest with our physical hands, but we sow and reap spiritually too, I wanted to put a reminder of what the BIGGEST goal for me is today and everyday on the gloves:

Hosea 10:12 says "Sow for yourselves righteousness, reap the fruit of unfailing love"

Psalm 126:5 says "Those who sow in tears, will reap with songs of Joy"

Sowing and reaping is such an important concept. What we plant now, we will have as our harvest! We are promised that if we sow and seek righteousness, even when no one is looking, even in the "small" things, we will find God's unfailing love. When we painfully go through a situation or stand in the face of adversity, though there may be tears, we will reap JOY in our lives and in our spirits.

Can you tell I have been on a kick lately about choices ?
Do you believe that you are sowing and planting now with purpose ?
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