Sunday, November 1, 2009

Recovery already? Recovery Sock review

I have always been a sock person! I love stripy socks and knee high socks, socks with lace and wool socks!! But something I never paid a whole ton of attention to was my athletic socks, at least till this year.

I was lucky enough to be able to try a pair of the fantastic Recovery Socks that they so graciously sent me for shipping costs only!!

I knew right away that I was going to like them, but I didn't know how much. I was hoping to get them to wear during my half marathon(which I did get too!) but they arrived much earlier than that and I was able to wear them on an 11 miler a week or so ago as well!

Usually you think of wearing them as you recover, after your big event or long run, but I was told that you can wear them DURING your long races also and that it is actually beneficial to do so...alright!

I'm a sock model on the side.

I was more pleased than I thought I would be-- they are wonderful socks and I had noticeably less fatigue and less soreness in my legs during the run and the next day. That surprised me and delighted me!!

Why go for the Recovery Socks?

Here is a little of what THEY are saying about Recovery Socks:

The Recovery Sock® utilizes a Patented Graduated Compression Technology or GCT GCT means tighter compression in the foot and ankle area and a gradual decrease in compression as it travels up the leg over the calf.

GCT causes an upward flow of blood helping to get un-oxygenated blood out of the leg, replacing it with fresh oxygenated blood. This is not only speeds recovery after workouts, but also enhances workout and race performance.

They also have these benefits:
  • Are you on your feet all day? These reduce swelling!
  • They are wicking (line dry these babys, you don't want to mess up the fibers!)
  • Keeps your muscles from fatiguing during your big performance
  • Tall socks are totally hot and these come in wide aray of colors
  • They enhance cardiac output through better circulation
They aren't just for runners or athletes anymore!!
  • Servers
  • Nurses
  • Bike couriers
  • Teachers
  • Power shoppers
  • Bloggers
  • ALL can benefit from and use Recovery Socks!
It's part of your total health and FEETNESS!!

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