Thursday, November 5, 2009

Operation Beautiful

If you haven't heard of Operation Beautiful yet, you need to head over and take a look at a movement that is sweeping the nations (heck yeah!) and promoting healthy self image and positive self talk. Started by Caitlin who writes about her fitness and eating endeavors over at Healthy Tipping Point, Operation Beautiful is being turned into a book, has been on TV, in the LA times, in magazines, most importantly: in a bathroom near you!!

Posting random notes of courage and beauty in restrooms, magazine racks, bus stops, make-up isles and just about anywhere, Operation Beautiful was started by Caitlin for all of us to take up and bring to those around us. So arm yourself with some post-it's and a sharpie and spread the beauty!

Have you seen or posted anOperation Beautiful note? Check out the website for more details on how to post and send them in!

Here is one of my three halloween theme notes that I sent in!

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