Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The importance of play

Working out is wonderful! I love going for runs, I love the gym and the classes there, I love feeling my chest heave for breath and my muscles burn through a really hard workout. But as fitness lovers and athletes we can't over look the importance of good 'ole fashioned PLAY!

Play plays a part in a child's view of himself, of others and plays a vital part in their imagination. It used to be that play involved imagination and activity. Today play is focused on the toys, the games & the game systems with activity and imagination taking a back-seat to animation.

Adults need play too. I can feel it when I HAVE to be outside on my lunch break, even if it is only to walk around the block. Play will relieve stress, boost endorphins, feed your spirit, connect you with others and engage your body in movement!!

Here are some great ways to play:

Kick a ball

Get your friends in on a game of kickball or join a city sports league and play with other adults weekly. Competition is a healthy part of play --play ball!

Couples skate


Dig out those old ratty roller-skates and hit the rink! There are kids nights, 21 plus nights and even Christian skate nights at almost every roller rink. Think there's not a rink near you? You'd be surprised...this play never went out of style!

Scavenger hunt


There are many organizations that put on city-wide scavenger hunts!! Can't find one? Then get your friends together and instead of hitting the pub, hit the pavement on Saturday night and run or bike your way through a scavenger hunt! Check here if you need idea's!

Let's Dance!


Nuf said. Take your peeps and go shake your booty. Make John Travolta proud.

Go for a ride


The BEST bike rides I have been on haven't been the ones where I hit the trails and pump out 20 miles for fitness. They are always the ones where I am tooling around my city, exploring neighborhoods, stopping for ice cream or coffee and generally feelin' like a kid again. So go and ride on girl!

Fetch, catch or TAG
Do you get down and dirty with your pets?? Do you run WITH your dog or just toss a toy? Do you chase the dog or just let it out to run circles in the yard? Do you give the cats some nip and let them run loose or do you get on the floor with them and play? My kitty Fitzgerald NEEDS play as all of us do, but he is the one who inspired this post. If Fitzy doesn't get play then I PAY! He will keep me up, destroy something or whine at me if I don't playful interact with him everyday.

He loves it when I get down on the floor with him to wrastle, love on and play with him. Tossing toys around with this kittie is not good enough, he wants to be engaged on his level and in a real and meaningful way. I adore him for it.

Here is Fitzy & Fozzy. Foz doesn't care. :) First, interest then contact...

Fitzy stands to face the challenge and finally ... play!!

What do you do to play?

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