Thursday, November 12, 2009

Traveling and blog love

Less than one week till I fly to Germany!!

I just wanted to say, hello to my new followers!! I know that as of YESTERDAY, there were 100 of you on Google friend connect--I remember being ecstatic when there were 11 of you!! I don't know how many others there are but THANK YOU for reading and for being a part of this!

So, I thought I would post a few cool sites for travel lovers out there and a few that I found helpful. I am a fairly inexperienced traveler so some of these were really helpful, some just fun!

One Bag Coolest website ever. Checklists GALORE, it makes me swoon!
How to Travel the World with a lot of no nonsense info!
Couch Surfing ( I LOVE this idea)
The TSA tips on how not to get arrested or die before I leave the airport.
E how on things you may already know, or that may save your skin! For your mission minded travel!

Do you love to travel? SO many of you posted on where you like to go! What do you do to prepare?


I haven't really thought much about movement outside of speed, my whole life. Over the last few weeks I have really been confronted with my own ability to move, redefine what movement IS and look at the different ways my body can move and wants to move (and when, sometimes, it doesn't).

The way that our bodies were naturally made to move, do not always come naturally to us, it can take practice. I am surprised at my own inability to move naturally lately. Things as simple as arching my back forward or moving my hips feel foreign and take gross amounts of concentration.


The way our spine is curved would indicate a natural movement that yields itself to all kinds of motion. We can bend, rotate twist and curve. Our hips can tip, rotate and rock, but I think that being out of practice with moving naturally will cause a girl to stiffen up a bit, forget those natural moves and even call for the oil can on certain days.

I was never a serious dancer, not very flexible, I wasn't a gymnast but did plenty of moving. In the my past I have ran, skated, pumped, trained, lifted and sculpted my way to a nice level of fitness. I discovered this week that along the way, the natural movements of my body got more than a little rusty!

Stretching this week showed me where I am tight and not limber, even with all I do. Moving in a core conditioning class reminds me that my spine, body and core are made to move more than in just a forward motion or bracing for a block or check. In a group fitness class, I found my hips trying to move, but my mind unable to loosen up and let them. It was as if the strength and sport I had been focusing on found natural, fluid movement out of practice, out of mind.

Did I think that fluid movement, stretching and loose limbs made for girly workouts? That speed runs, derby hits and clean & press were where true strength was?

What is fluidity but strength and power?

Think of water: it cuts through rock and carves canyons, it seeks it's own level and absorbs anything in it's way, it dominates with whitecaps & waves. The placid lake and the fluid stream are strength at rest. Water only needs to be loosed to meet it's potential and I am going to be like that: finding strength in the fluid movements, power in the placid moments of my body's natural state, one vertebrae at a time.

I have a lot of practicing to do, focusing on movements that I have left by the way side or forgotten about, but am determined to find strength in ALL kinds of movement that I attempt!
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