Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Taking the Plunge!!

I am taking the PLUNGE--the Polar Bear Plunge that is!! Along with my fellow Minnesota Rollergirls, we will be doing a Polar Bear Plunge in White Bear Lake, Mn on January 30th 2010.

Historically, January is Minnesota's coldest month. Normal January temperatures range from the low-teens to the single digits & zero. Windchill plummets us well below zero often--I can't think about wind-chill right now!

AND it's for a GREAT cause- Special Olympics MN!!

Special Olympics Minnesota is founded on the belief that people with intellectual disabilities can, with proper instruction and encouragement, learn, enjoy and benefit from participation in individual and team sports, adapted as necessary to meet the needs of those with intellectual and physical disabilities. Here are a peak at their values:


RESPECT: Valuing and accepting human differences and the unique abilities of all people in our communities

ACCOMPLISHMENT: Celebrating the fulfillment of individual potential

CHOICE: Providing opportunities for self-determination

QUALITY: Striving for excellence in all we do

PARTNERSHIP: Achieving more than we can alone by collaborating with others

INTEGRITY: Fostering a culture based on the highest standards of personal and professional principles

What a WONDERFUL way to support Special olympics--by donating your money so I will jump like a crazy person into a frigid lake in the dead of winter!

My page:

Click HERE to donate today!! There is also a link on my right side bar that will take you to my page for you to donation ANY time up until I take the plunge on January 30th!!

Soda Stream Dream and pushing the water!

The fabulous people over at SodaStream, sent me their home soda making kit and it is JUST amazing and just in time to help with my November Goals of pushing the water intake! Let me just preface by saying that I drink a lot of carbonated water. I am not a huge water fan even though it is SO vital for us. Carbonated water helps me get in the ounces that I know I should, but buying even cheap bottled water was adding up!

Soda Stream to the rescue!!

They sent me their Fountain Jet starter kit which turns tap water in carbonated water in 30 seconds. I was MORE than impressed when I tried it and have been using it daily since then. I am saving money that would have gone toward bottle upon bottle of carbonated water and I am saving on waste because the kit comes with 2 reusable bottles that are made to be used with the C02 until 2011!

It is so easy to use.
Don't believe me?
Watch this:

Install the C02-super easy.

Fill your bottle and twist it into the Fountain Jet

Press down on the button three times or until
desired FIZZ is achieved

Enjoy as is or add flavor essence for water!

Berry Good!

Need more pizzazz?
Add a capful of their soda flavors to make your own soda pop!!

& Enjoy!

Easy as 1..2..3...
Goodbye bulky bottles, chunks of change and extra waste I am sticking with super simple Soda Stream! Why go else where when you can create great carbonated water in your own kitchen? Soda Stream has certainly helping me achieve my goal this month of pushing the water and staying hydrated. Thank you SodaStream!!

Still don't believe me?
Need more proof?
Watch this:

But beware, you will want one!

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