Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Focus, visualizing and practice

With so much going on before I leave for my trip I am trying to focus on the important things and tune in to what I need to do and what I need for my trip to be successful. This idea rang true for me as well regarding my earlier post on Movement. In order for me to become more fluid, more flexible and regain more of my natural movement, I have to focus, visualize and practice.
Focusing on what you are doing when you are doing it is a challenge in the world today. There are so many distractions and demands with every passing day--but we can learn to move with purpose and dial into the good stuff in our lives. Being present when you workout is no different. You may think that you are focused because you are not doing anything else, but that is not always true.

Even last night I found myself thinking about dinner, blogging and packing in the middle of my fitness class and lost my balance doing lunges!! I needed to watch myself in the mirror, think about my form, feel where my weight is, feel my body shift and move. I really needed to focus on the movement I was doing in that moment to be successful with it.

We can move just going through the motions, but instead if we concentrate on a stretch or a yoga pose, visualize what it looks like, see our body moving and curving the way it is supposed to we will be more connected to the movement and actually be deliberate when we move instead of just doing it.

Practice is very important. We can practicing thinking and speaking with focus and intention. We can practice being focused on our tasks, our classes and our movements, we can practice visualizing how we move: seeing ourselves flexible and balanced and we practice the movements themselves.

When I was a RollerGirl, I went to derby practice 3 days a week for 2 hours! If I put that much effort into being more fluid, I know I would be successful! It started for me with my November goals and stretching before bed. I am trying to move deeper into the stretches and hold them longer, practicing what I want to improve on. It's simple, but it's truth. Putting the time into something will pay off!

Happy moving!!

Flying out!!

Guten Morgen!!! I am flying out this morning and wanted to post some quick fun, last minute travel goodies for you!

I give you...the fab five! The five shoes that made the cut and are coming to Germany with me!

1) New pink Earth Shoes
2) Brown Rocket Dogs, with velcro closure. Yep. I'm 65, what of it? :)
3) Black Puma's!
4) Nike Air Alaris running shoes
5) Black Pazzo heels- wide toe and wide heel. They are my toes best friends.

Fitzgerald wanted to come along. I told him maybe.
Is he carry-on or checked baggage worthy ?

Practicing my pose last night in front of Neuschwanstein.
Princess material? I think so, If I find a prince, I am not coming back!

The travel trifecta! Pink Fanny pack, Pink passport pouch and
sparkly, rainbowy luggage tags.

I bought this wallet/passport holder about 8 months ago in anticipation of my trip and my dreams to travel more. It's all new and shiny...but that will change!!

Also, I have a sweet book I found at the thrift store, an easy guide to "Just Enough German". It has little phrases and snippets so you can squeeze by as a lazy American who didn't bother to learn the language before traveling to a foreign country. It was like they wrote it JUST for me!

I will be using the vital pages and phrases such as buying muffins and cakes and finding the women's clothing and shoe stores:

This morning I am waiting for my brother John and Dad to come and take me out for breakfast! I am traveling in my comfy workout pants because I will be on the plane for about 8 hours before landing in Amsterdam. I have snacks with me! Granola and Wasabi almonds and am flying in my AWESOME my little pony tee shirt: "Always Chasing Rainbows" I am ready to bring some sunshine to that AirBus!!

Speaking of, this is the monster I am flying out on, it's an Air Bus 330! I have never been on something SO big:

I actually got a little freaked out when I saw all these stats about how big it is and how much power it has. I get a little weirded out by large things like Horses, Semi's and AirBuses. Are you freaked out to fly or travel? Gah! I am sure not, all my readers are tough as nails right?

I'm hitting the road, friend me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter if you want to see mobile updates and check back here for my awesomely scheduled posts, including some wonderful guest posts!!
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