Monday, November 23, 2009

Montrail: Trail running shoes

I have a new addition to my seasonal running gear: Trail Running shoes from Montrail. I found these beauties on MAJOR clearance at Marshalls and decided to pick them up!! I was so excited I even tweeted about it!

Now, usually when I camp, I trail run, so they will come in handy for that, but I was also informed at the Target Health and Fitness Expo I went to 2 weeks ago that trail running shoes in general can help your traction on ice and can help your feet stay warmer. The reason being the bottom is wider and more durable for the best grip and traction on the trails, the same stands true for icy paths and roads.

Montrail on Left, Nike on right:
Wider bottom: Kind of like I used to have!

Also they are warmer because the mesh on top is not as thin. They do have a thicker, rounder toes to protect from debris in the way on the trail but even with the wide flat bottom and thicker toe they are not much heavier than my regular running shoes!

I took them for a fall test run and they seem to work great, no funny rubbing or pinching and no musle soreness in strange places which can happen to me when I am breaking in a new shoe. Seems all is GO for winter running in my new Montrails!

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