Friday, December 4, 2009

Strengths & Weaknesses

If you guys are anything like me that you probably have an idea of what your weakness are. I am not going to list out for you where I fall short, but believe me, I know where I do! Recently because of some personal growth that I have been doing, I have learned to look at my weakness a little differently.

In the past 2 years I have had more personal growth and more personal challenge than I almost knew what to do with! In the challenges I faced was confronted with a few things:

1) My attitude about facing challenges. I decided that was the ONLY thing I could control when so much was out of my control. Was I going to complain, compare or feel sorry for myself and what I was facing? No.

2) My view of the challenging situation. Joel Osteen says that things don't happen TO us, they do things FOR us. By looking at challenges this way, as learning and growing experiences, you will get SO much more out of the situation. If you can, try not to take it personally, but examine how you can better yourself and be thankful for that. You can come through and you can come out on top.

3) I needed to shift my focus: weaknesses are not a bad thing. And instead of focusing on overcoming our weaknesses, we can harness the corresponding strength to perform in life, work and relationships at our TOP potential.


Yep, don't focus on fixing your weakness, pinpoint the positive aspect of your weakness and work on that. Below is a list of strengths and corresponding "weaknesses"--you can see that they are actually very similar:

Here's an example: I tend to want to do all the fun stuff before I do the "work" I need to. I have had this trouble since 2nd grade when Mrs. Gillman handed out a worksheet of a house for us to label. Instead I colored it and didn't do the assignment. So, you could say my weakness is that I didn't follow instructions or put off the real work for the fun. But within that also is a strong spirit of creativity.

If you are unorganized, maybe the corresponding strength is creativity, if you are inconsistent there is flexibility within that, the ability to go with the flow when others can't. Are you stubborn--then your dedicated! When given an inch, do you take a mile? Then you are driven!! Go with it. On the otherside of your "weakness" is a strength if you just look for it.

Quit trying to hammer your weaknesses into oblivion or polish them into perfection! It is painful, difficult and often we end up only making a little headway in improvement. This can be discouraging and distracting too. Distracting from what? From our focusing on our true strengths!

Success= a perfect fit between my unique qualities and the situation! -Dave Rendall

Granted, in my life I have had to learn and adapt to situations in order to come through: I had to cultivate more attention to detail than comes naturally to me...I am a big picture, big planner kind of gal, but in the "jobs" I have had, I had to learn some skills to do my work. I still struggle with wanting to do "color" instead of copy some days.... :)

Some weaknesses really are bad habits and those need to be sorted out--I don't think we can show up late to work and be bad with our finances and claim that as just a weakness that points to something else! We CAN change those with discipline.

A main key to succeeding by looking at your weaknesses and finding your true strengths is to seek out situations where you can use your strengths and excel there. If you are constantly in situations where you are required to use your weaknesses you will not feel like you are succeeding. Often in my life, I have been able to come through a situation and do well, but felt like I just barely got by and at least was not successful at all. But when I know my strength-weakness combo's and know where I WILL do well, I feel as if I am excelling and succeeding at most everything.

A weakness can be made better, I have found that out, but rarely does it become a true strength. Chose situations that fit your natural strengths! You are more capable than you think and have more strengths and talents that you know, you just have to look on the other side of your weaknesses and do a little digging.

Your success is directly related to your uniqueness!
-Dave Rendall

Success isn't something that other people have, it's something that EVERYONE can have. My attitude about the challenge I am facing, my view of the challenge itself and the focus on strength vs. weakness will make the difference as to what path you are on and how far you go on it.

THANK you to Dave Rendall for much of the info of this post and turning me on to the Freak Factor. For more information on strengths and weaknesses visit his website/blog and celebrate your uniqueness!

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