Tuesday, December 8, 2009

November Goal recap & thoughts

November felt like a springboard month, almost like it was a pit stop during the many laps I took around a race track. I had posted November goals before I left for my vacation to Germany and had just over 2 weeks to focus on them. I did s0-so.

Goal 1: Bedtime and getting up. I had an easy time getting to bed early, but still a hard time getting up. Resetting my body clock was hard partly because I was so behind on sleep and partly because I need more discipline! Thankfully after my trip, I am used to getting up early and think I have succeeded!

Goal 2: Recommit to cross-training. After my half marathon in October getting into more cross training was a nice break! Biking, walking, getting back into a strength training routine, all good things! Even on my vacation there was biking and TONS of walking. Success!

Goal 3: Create a study plan: Fail. Working on it currently and will talk about it later. Ahem, moving on.

Goal 4: Cooking more Lunches/dinners was a success! This ties in with a savings plan goal I had which is to save more and to spend less especially on things like food out. I don't really even spend that much, but eating at home is cheaper hands down. Every penny counts. Posting weekly recipes will continue to keep me successful on this!

Goal 5: Driving the water intake. With the addition of my Soda Stream machine upping my water intake was easy and I felt more energetic and better! Success!

Goal 6: Running challenge: I took part in the Pile on the Miles challenge to stay moving and bike or run in the month of November. I didn't do as much running as I wanted to or should have, but feel like being in motion and being active was a huge success. After all I walk all over Germany in my "Strong" jeans and they were fitting pretty good even after all the bread and wurst there was to have!

Final Goal: savings plan challenge. This is going to be ongoing! I did a good job of navigating my trip and my bills but am looking ahead to other new goals and seeing how important it is to have the money to do what you want to do in life vs. having things now that you want and like. I caught the travel bug in Europe and would rather save my pennies and have experiences like that than a new pair of boots or a new shirt from Marshall's --even though I just got some new winter running gear--you have to start somewhere!

To have a nest egg in a savings account on top of money to do expendable things with like travel or upgrade certain toys (camera, computer etc) is where this goal is headed. It's in focusing on the END result that will help in making the rewarding choices along the way. DANG. Why couldn't I have thought this way in my 20's?

Overall the 21 day November goals challenge was good and I feel, a success. It was a learning experience for certain and will serve as a great place to move forward as the new year rolls around!

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